Elias was recently interviewed by Guitar Worldwhere he discussed a number of topics. Among them were his love of playing the guitar and music in general, the songs he writes every week, WrestleMania and more.

“The drifter” has most recently been in a mini-feud with Braun Strowman, but also recently wrote a song for “Woken” Matt Hardy.

You can see a clip of that song below:

Elias dedicates a new song to "Woken" Matt Hardy: Raw, Jan. 29, 2018

Below are some questions from the interview, along with Elias’ answers:

When did you first start playing guitar?

When I was 15, I got super into Eric Clapton. My father took notice of this and got me a guitar for Christmas.

What was that first guitar?

I’m going to say the brand was a [Yamaha] Pacifica electric kit for learning guitar. Once I had enough knowledge of guitar, that’s when I branched out to Fender, which is a favorite brand of mine, and so on.

Every week on-air, you perform a different original song. Do you feel pressure to come up with new material all the time?

No, it’s not pressure because it’s fun to me. I love music, I love creating, so I just get inspired with whatever mood I’m in. Whatever the story dictates, that’s where my mind goes. I really enjoy it, it’s fun coming up with different songs every week.

Do you feel any pressure to be entirely original with your compositions? For example, somebody noticing that one song sounds like “Nutshell?”

Pressure to be original? I was born an original, I am an original, and I can respect other artists, so if people hear that in my mind, I’m just doing some justice to them, an honor to them. As far as creating my own sound and my own music, I do that every single week, every single day. Every time I speak it’s original words.

Speaking of Wrestlemania, any idea if you’ll be playing guitar at that show?

Yes, it would be an injustice if Elias was at Wrestlemania and not performing in front of millions of people around the world, nearly 70,000 in attendance, it would be an absolute injustice. I will be performing, it will be an amazing memorable performance, unlike anything you’ve seen Elias do in the past.

They also discuss recording an album under the WWE banner, “Walk With Elias,” other musicians in WWE and more.

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