WWE superstar Bayley was recently interviewed by Sports Day in order to promote “Raw” and “Smackdown Live” events in Dallas this coming week. She discussed a number of topics, including her rivalry with Sasha Banks, the “Royal Rumble,” Ronda Rousey and more.

Below are some questions, along with “the hugger’s” answers:

And what about the Royal Rumble – being behind the curtain, and hearing the countdown, the “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” before you go out to the ring?  

Bayley: “Every time somebody went out I had goosebumps. Every single time the crowd was counting. That’s almost everybody’s favorite memory about watching the WWE is the Royal Rumble, and being able to be a part of the countdown when you’re live in the crowd, and just seeing who comes out next – it doesn’t matter who it is – everybody is just excited. So, going down there myself and then Trish Stratus coming out right after me and hearing the crowd when her music hit, and when her and Mickie James were face to face – to be in the ring for that was just unbelievable. Moments like that I’ll never forget.”

Speaking of WrestleMania – what’s the deal right now between you and Sasha Banks? 

Bayley: “It’s just a little complicated. Friends and sisters fight all the time, but it’s just – I don’t know – something that I know we have to handle ourselves, and I’m sure we will soon because it’s just been a little awkward.”

You two together have had a long history both with and against each other. Where Sasha rank as far as favorite opponents you’ve ever had? 

Bayley: “She’s No. 1. For sure. I’ve always said that I think she is the best woman to ever step foot in the ring. And maybe that’s what bothers me sometimes because I want to be the best. But she’s definitely my favorite opponent for many reasons.”

You can see a clip of the current rivalry between Banks and Bayley in the video below:

Bayley rejects a hug from Sasha Banks after Absolution brawl: Raw, March 5, 2018

How has Rousey fit in since she joined WWE at the Royal Rumble? 

Bayley: “I don’t really see her much. She’s kind of got her own thing going on, and so do we. But I think she’s fitting in well. The crowds really seem to like having her around, and I think she’s obviously going to fit in well and learn to adapt pretty easy. But she definitely still needs to earn her stripes, I’d say. And I’d be happy to help her.”

They also discussed “Elimination Chamber” and more.

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