The recent All In pay-per-view, put on by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, is being praised for its outstanding matches and excellent marketing.

But how did the event do from a numbers standpoint? The most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provides some insight.

Total attendance at the show was 11,263, which was the maximum amount that the fire department would allow. That figure is a combination of the 10,541 tickets sold in the first 30 minutes back in May, any late production seats that were opened up, as well as people in the suites. The suites were packed and the building was 100% used.

Kenny Omega vs Pentagon Jr. Highlights - ALL IN

The live gate drew $458,525. While final merchandise numbers are not available, every item that they had sold out and the official All In shirt, sold out at 3:30 p.m., 90 minutes before the show started and 30 minutes after the doors opened.

FITE TV grossed more than $1 million between iPPV sales and Starrcast iPPV sales. That would probably indicate in excess of 20,000 iPPV orders.

The Starrcast convention sold 11,000 tickets.

Pro Wrestling Tees did just under $500,000 worth of T-shirt business over the weekend, and most of the merchandise in the venue would be part of that total.

Editor’s Opinion:

What this tells me is that the potential market for non-WWE events is HUGE, if marketed correctly and done in the right cities. There is a lot of talent out there that people want to see and this event proves it!

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