“Never give up. Never surrender.”

Those are the wise words of Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), the actor who played Commander Peter Quincy Taggart in the fictional television series Galaxy Quest.

That same “Never give up” ideology is the backbone of John Cena’s character. When all hope seems lost and the odds are anything but in his favor, Cena will rise from the ashes and pull out a victory through sheer willpower and determination.

Unless he’s going up against Brock Lesnar at WWE “SummerSlam,” that is.


In one of the most lopsided title matches in company history, Lesnar pulverized Cena like he was an oversized kidney stone on route to becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. “The Beast Incarnate” performed more German Suplexes (16) than Cena did offensive maneuvers (2).

“It wasn’t even close,” WWE commentator Michael Cole said immediately following the bout.

At WWE “Night of Champions” on Sept. 21, Lesnar will defend the gold in a rematch against Cena at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. As the former champion, Cena is entitled to a one-on-one rematch with Lesnar, regardless of the abuse he suffered on Aug. 17.

Something has to change, though. This can’t be a straightforward wrestling match. We saw that at “SummerSlam” and all we got was Cena being tossed around the ring for twenty minutes.

WWE has to convince the viewing audience that Cena stands a realistic chance of conquering the conquerer. The formula needs to be altered in a grand enough fashion as to erase the memory of what took place at the Staples Center.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at WWE “Night of Champions” needs to be an “I Quit” match.


If you go back in the vault over on the WWE Network (it’s only $9.99), you’ll see Cena’s last submission loss came in a triple threat match against Kurt Angle and Big Show at “No Way Out” in 2004. If I’m wrong, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

It’s been over 10 years since Cena last tapped out. In an “I Quit match,” the leader of the CeNation would have to mutter those dreaded words into a microphone, something Cena swears up and down that he’ll never do.

There have been 15 “I Quit” matches in WWE history. Cena holds the record with four victories against John Bradshaw Layfield (Judgement Day, 2004), Randy Orton (Breaking Point, 2009), Batista (Over the Limit, 2010) and The Miz (Over the Limit, 2011). It’s not exactly Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, but it’s still very impressive.


In the weeks leading up to “SummerSlam,” Lesnar mentioned how he was going to leave Cena “in a pile of blood, urine and vomit.” He consistently went to referee Charles Robinson during the match so that he could check on his opponents health and inevitably ring the bell.

He wanted the satisfaction of having Cena quit. It never came to that point.

That makes a potential “I Quit” match all the more appealing, though. It’s almost unfathomable to think Cena could ever throw in the towel, but he may not have a choice if Lesnar repeats his “SummerSlam” performance in September.

What about Lesnar? His last four victories have come against the longest-reigning WWE Champion in 25 years (CM Punk), the largest athlete in the world (Big Show), Undertaker at WrestleMania and the face of the company (John Cena). Do you think WWE will risk losing the momentum they’ve created by having Lesnar give up to Cena?

Fat chance.

Something would have to give at “Night of Champions.” It’s not going to be Lesnar.

By hook or crook, the impossible would become a reality. WWE may beat around the bush and sneak past a clean finish, but they shouldn’t. The aura of invincibility surrounding Cena is on life support. A few more German suplexes should do the trick.

It’s time to shock the world once again, WWE. It’s not a Cena heel turn, but it’s a start.

Question: Who would win an “I Quit” match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Would WWE be making a mistake by having Cena say those magic words? Can Lesnar afford to lose a match at this point in time?


Christopher Walder is a staff writer for WrestlingRumors.net. You can also find his work at Bleacher Report, SB Nation and several other online outlets. Follow him on Twitter at @WalderSports


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