• The Goldmine: Drew and Dolph Dudes With Attitudes

    What works, works. Ever since their epic return to Monday Night Raw, the modern-day dudes with attitudes, “The Horseman” Drew McIntyre and, “The Zig”, Dolph Ziggler, have been reviving the...

    FeaturedJune 19, 2018
  • The Goldmine: Vince McMahon In Pursuit Of The Golden Elite

    FeaturedJune 15, 2018
  • The Goldmine: WWE’s Creative Fizzle

    Before I begin, let me say that this is only my humble opinion.  Just when I believed WWE Creative was getting back on track . . .   Roman Reigns is not plastered...

    FeaturedJune 13, 2018
  • The Goldmine: NJPW Dominion 2018 Dominates Wrestling

    Just as a classic video game like Super Mario World, Street Fighter II or Zelda (which Kenny Omega “The Omega Man” enjoys playing a lot), NJPW Dominion 2018 delivered every...

    FeaturedJune 10, 2018
  • The Goldmine’s Heel Turn: Big Changes Are Coming For WWE Fans

    Guys like Daniel Bryan may be getting the snip. I’m not talking about putting the sheers to that unruly beard or to reproductive body-parts. I’m talking about putting the snip...

    FeaturedJune 2, 2018
  • The Goldmine’s Heel Turn: Where Does Enzo Amore Go From Here?

    With the news that the rape investigation against Eric Anthony Arndt, aka Enzo Amore, is now closed, many fans are clamoring for a comeback of one of WWE’s most colorful and bombastic...

    FeaturedMay 18, 2018
  • Breaking News: Rey Mysterio Is “All In”, Tickets Go On Sale Today

    FeaturedMay 13, 2018
  • Was Emmalina’s Last Promo Even PG?

    The Women’s Revolution has suffered–as many things have–from WWE’s overzealous marketing and branding, but there’s little room to deny it’s been a good thing for the company. Sure, there’s a...

    December 27, 2016
  • WWE Is Paving the Way For A Hulk Hogan Return

    You’d be forgiven for missing it, but an offhand comment from Michael Cole at Roadblock might be a big indication for a change in WWE policy next year. As Charlotte...

    FeaturesDecember 23, 2016
  • First Look: The True Story of the Royal Rumble

    FeaturesDecember 1, 2016