It’s a new day in pro wrestling, and despite what some say, it’s not The New Day’s day. It’s not Rusev Day, and it’s not WWE day either for that matter. You know what day it is?

It’s “Golden Elite Day”.

Fueled with unbridled determination, Vince McMahon is rumored to be in hot pursuit of the performance services of Bullet Club/Golden Elite.

They’ve never looked better:

Empire of Dirt” - Being The Elite Ep. 106

Rumors are that McMahon will offer Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks multi-million dollar contracts if they join WWE once their NJPW and ROH contracts expire next year. Heck, Kenny and The Bucks even received free advertisement on WWE.COM yesterday including live coverage of The Golden Elite and The New Day at a video game convention.  They also released a rare tape of Kenny Omega:

Kenny Omega makes his first appearance on WWE Network in rare WWE Hidden Gem: Deep South Wrestling..

Being the sophisticated business individuals that Bullet Club and The Golden Elite are they must certainly appreciate the overwhelmingly successful, independent and fun lifestyles they are currently enjoying.  All self-created.  Accepting a deal from Vince and being brought into the fold of the WWE corporate world would end all that in an instant.

What might happen if they did sell out and make a move to WWE?

1) YouTube success series, Being The Elite – cancelled or at least creatively compromised.
2) The Young Bucks saddled in pointless feuds with the likes of The Ascension and then separated.
3) Kenny Omega receives a WWE title run but is then squashed by Roman Reigns.
4) WWE controls all merch sales.

As for NJPW, ROH, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll and Hangman Page, would they simply fade into obscurity?

Bullet Club and The Golden Elite currently hold a lot of cards in pro wrestling. Competition breeds innovation, motivation and creativity.  In my opinion, staying the course with NJPW, ROH and All In is the best possible scenario for wrestlers and fans alike.

Bullet Club/ Golden Elite, please stay golden.

I am “The Goldmine” Alex Gold, author and lover.

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