After the Jan. 26 showing of “Monday Night Raw,” the first showing of WWE programming following the 2015 “Royal Rumble,” a new show will debut on the WWE Network. Titled “WWE 24,” a 30-minute episode of the new program will air, which takes a look at WrestleMania XXX from behind-the-scenes.

On the WWE Network programming schedule, a snippet for the debut episode of “WWE 24” reads:

“The premiere episode of the original series, WWE 24, takes you behind the spectacle of WrestleMania XXX and its most compelling stories.”

“WWE 24” will run similarly to HBO’s critically acclaimed “24/7” series, which has followed around NFL teams, NHL teams, and boxers around the clock in preparation to big events. According to PWInsider, the show will continue to run each Monday night, following “Monday Night Raw.” Additionally, it has been described as TNA’s new “TNA Unlocked” show, but with an obviously higher budget.

The idea for “WWE 24” is to give the WWE Universe a behind-the-scenes look at some of WWE’s biggest moments, stars, and much more. In addition to behind-the-scenes footage, the show will feature never-before-seen interviews and personal archive footage. “WWE 24” will see WWE’s current and past talent portrayed in a very unique way, different from a star’s portrayal in the past.

Editor’s Note

If it’s anything like the HBO series, this will be a tremendous show, one to help give fans new stuff to watch following the end of “Monday Night War.”


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