Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract will expire next fall, and he’s made it pretty clear that he wants to wrestle again.

Bryan, who just turned 36, was forced into retirement last year due to a concussion issue. Since then, he’s gotten several more tests done, and he seems pretty confident that everything is fine, and that he should be allowed to wrestle again.

However, WWE, at least as of right now, won’t allow him to get back in the ring, and if they’re still against Bryan wrestling when his contract expires, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion will leave the company to wrestle elsewhere.

Even though Daniel Bryan has a strong desire to wrestle again, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross doesn’t think it’ll happen, and he explained why in his latest blog post.

“Seems as if Daniel Bryan is having some fun trolling social media as he teases a return to the ring which I seriously doubt will or should ever happen. If his existing medical condition put DB in a higher risk category, then he needs to be the responsible husband and father and refrain from lacing up his boots again. Don’t get me wrong, if DB could safely resume his career I’d be all for it as he is one of the great talents in recent memory.”

The social media trolling that Ross is referring to happened last week, when Bryan teased a match with Ring of Honor Champion Cody Rhodes. Shortly thereafter, Bryan put up a tweet which simply read “trolling for life.”

Daniel Bryan bids farewell to the WWE Universe: Raw, February 8, 2016

Opinion: Daniel Bryan will wrestle again, it’s just a matter of where it will be. It wouldn’t be wise for WWE to go against the advice of their head of medical, Dr. Joseph Maroon, especially when it comes to something like concussions.

If Bryan does leave, he’ll likely end up in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. He’s also expressed interest in wrestling for CMLL in Mexico, so don’t be shocked if he ends up there as well. Also, if he leaves WWE, he’ll have to wrestle under his real name, Bryan Danielson, as WWE owns the Daniel Bryan name.

Where do you think Daniel Bryan will end up after his WWE contract expires? Do you think WWE will allow him to wrestle again? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!


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