In a piece of surprising news, Alicia Fox has gotten a new style and will be changing her look drastically. Fox has posted the following tweet as a sneak preview of her “MoFox”:


This new look from Alicia Fox is interesting considering the last superstar who changed their look to a mohawk constantly has the chant of “You look stupid” chanted at him. When Sheamus altered his look to a mohawk, it was part of a drastic character change that included new music and other elements.

Now that Alicia Fox has cut off her long hair and is now going to have the mohawk look, will she have to deal with similar treatment from the WWE Universe? Fox is going to stand out next to Brie and Nikki Bella as a part of Team Bella since they are brunettes.

Another question that comes out of this new look for Alicia Fox is if there is a drastic character change coming for her? Paige has turned on Team PCB, and it’s only a matter of time until Sasha Banks goes solo. The trios that the Divas division has was split into when the Divas Revolution began are now splitting off into singles competitors and tag teams.

The Bella Twins are very unlikely to split up, so that leaves Alicia Fox as the odd woman out. The look could be a way to reestablish herself as a singles competitor in the division if she breaks away from Team Bella.


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