Vince McMahon has been working with The Undertaker for over twenty-five years. When he says to give The Deadman some space to recovery after Wrestlemania 32, we should believe him.

We should believe him even more when he’s confident that he can get Undertaker back into the ring even though he’s been swearing up and down that he’s done for good.

According to, Vince reached out to him about appearing at “Summerslam”, and no one could say it was the wrong move at the time, but it may have soured their relationship with Taker permanently.

Apparently, The Undertaker is furious about Vince’s request and isn’t responded to any of his attempts to contact him.

The issue stems from Taker being confident that Wrestlemania 32 would be the swan song of his career and wanted to go out on a win.

That was in danger because Vince consistently asked him to lose to Shane O’Mac, but The Deadman refused to do the job to Shane for some understandable reasons.

Vince is trying to smooth things over even if “Summerslam” is a no, but the two sides aren’t talking at all. The interesting thing is Undertaker’s current contract only forces him to wrestle once a year to receive his downside guarantee, which he obviously did in Dallas already.

Hypothetically, he doesn’t have to wrestle until some point in 2017. If he doesn’t, his contract would freeze in a situation very similar to the way Daniel Bryan’s contract froze.

However, it doesn’t seem like he would care if that happened, but WWE could freeze his contract to force him to return sooner than he wants, which wouldn’t help repair the relationship between Taker and Vince.

Do you think The Undertaker has wrestled his last match in WWE?


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