The night after Wrestlemania over the past several years is known as a very big show to get post-Wrestlemania WWE off on the right foot. It’s a night of swerves, returns, big matches, and moments.

John Cena already made his return to WWE last night during a segment with The Rock and The Wyatts. As it turns out, WWE may have another great surprise return hiding up their sleeve for tonight’s Raw.

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was in Dallas during Wrestlemania weekend, but he was seen limping. Despite that, it’s being said that Rollins could return to WWE tonight on Raw.

According to, the “limping” could just be part of a work and Rollins is ready to come back to WWE television.

It’s entirely possible that his limping was legitimate, and he’s not ready to return to the ring yet, but that doesn’t mean Rollins wouldn’t be useful on WWE TV, and he may be close enough to return.

Technically, Rollins never lost his WWE Championship and his title reign ended due to injury, which means he has a strong claim to the WWE title whenever he does return to television.

If he does return tonight, it would be a pleasant surprise and something the WWE roster surely could use.

Do you think Rollins will challenge Reigns for the WWE Championship?


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