Last night was a historic night for women’s wrestling and for WWE in general. The WWE Divas Championship was retired by Charlotte going into the triple threat match with Sasha Bank and Becky Lynch.

Although it was a little sloppy, the match was very good, and all three women were able to shine and prove that women’s wrestling is here to stay in the big spotlight of Wrestlemania.

It’s unfortunate that someone had to win the match, and two women had to lose, but WWE decided to keep the momentum with Charlotte, which was the right call.

Many people were clamoring for Sasha Banks to win the championship last night while others wanted Becky Lynch to have that moment to validate her spot in the division.

However, Charlotte has done an outstanding job at the helm of the women’s revolution in WWE. The powers that be decided that it was a better idea to rebrand the division and keep Charlotte going at the helm rather than change course when the division is thriving and their women’s division is continuing to grow stronger.

The new Women’s Championship adds great prestige and respect to the women’s division and WWE has done a perfect job of rebranding the women’s division overnight.

Both Banks and Lynch looked fantastic last night too. Their time will come, but WWE was right to choose Charlotte as the first Women’s Champion. She is a Flair after all.

What did you think about Charlotte becoming the first Women’s Champion in WWE history?


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