It’s funny how unpredictable the results of last night’s Wrestlemania was, but WWE decided to finish the show with the most predictable outcome for Roman Reigns vs. Triple H in the main event.

As almost everyone expected and have been debating, Roman Reigns defeated Triple H in the main event of Wrestlemania last night to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It was a good match with a lot of atmosphere. Triple H’s entrance before the match was excellent, and Reigns was given a very impressive amount of fanfare to make him the hero of the story.

The problem is that the one hundred thousand fans in attendance at the AT&T arena weren’t too pleased with Reigns at the event and consistently booed him throughout the final match of the night.

A lot of people will call it stubbornness, but others could make the argument that WWE held their own and did the right thing by giving the WWE Championship the main event spotlight despite the obvious poor reception the match would receive from the WWE Universe.

The fact is that WWE got through the night, and now Roman Reigns is going to be the WWE Champion for the foreseeable future. Now, they have to worry about getting his title reign off the ground on the right foot.

Who do you think Roman Reigns will feud with first as the WWE Champion?


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