The wrestling world is still talking about Hardy vs. Hardy from TNA Wrestling. There are still “mixed reviews” when it comes to the reaction from fans, but that is very quickly become the way of the entire industry.

We’ve already established that as long as we’re still talking about it, that is what truly matters. What most people want to know now is how “The Final Deletion” came about creatively and who thought of what ideas.

According to a report from, all the filming for the event took place at Jeff and Matt’s homes in North Carolina. Apparently, Jeremy Borash shot and oversaw all that filming with a small production crew.

Borash was the one responsible for the directing and editing of the entire segment, but much of the content was improvised by Jeff and Matt during the filming.

This may surprise some people, but it was Dixie Carter who thought of the original idea because she was trying to think creatively. Her goal was also to have something spoiler-free, so it was shot on location to avoid that.

Good or bad, “The Final Deletion” is in the history books, and now it is up to the powers that be in TNA to capitalize on the hype surrounding the product after this week’s event.

Do you think TNA will have more positive eyes on the product after “The Final Deletion?”


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