Alberto Del Rio was reportedly stabbed outside of a restaurant a few days ago in San Antonio, Texas, but now some details are coming out that complicate the story.

Allegedly, he suffered lacerations from an attacker with a knife; the police filed a report, and Del Rio got medical attention shortly after dealing with the police.

More details have emerged about the incident, but the legitimacy of the incident is being questioned by a few people and some people are doubting some of the facts.

The previous reports about the incident claimed that Del Rio missed his flight and the appearance for AAA because he was documenting the incident with the police.

However, Ryan Satin of has been doing some research, and he has yet to find an incident report about Del Rio’s attack or his injuries, which raises a lot of questions about the possibility of Alberto Del Rio’s attack over the weekend.


No one is saying that Alberto Del Rio wasn’t attacked, but the trail of paperwork has yet to be found about the incident, which is just making people ask more questions.


Do you think Alberto Del Rio will be appearing in TNA before the end of the year?


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