The Wrestle Chat Podcast is back this week for episode two, where Hall & Morales talk about the hottest news and topics of the wrestling industry this week.

The weekly podcast returns this week, as Hall (substituting this week for O’Sullivan) & Morales discuss a number of interesting and emotional stories from this week in wrestling. Here are the list of topics covered on the episode:

*Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho

*AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar

*Jinder Mahal Loses the Smackdown World Title

*Jason Jordan’s Push/De-Push

*James Storm Out Of Impact

*Impact Tapings

A reminder that this is a new podcast and both hosts are still working out any potential issues and doing their best to bring you a better show each week.

We recommend putting this on in the background while you do your housework, schoolwork, play a game or surfing the internet.

Let us know in the comments below and on our social media what you thought of the episode and what your opinions on each of the topics are. Just remember to remain respectful to the hosts in what you say.

Wrestle Chat Podcast #3+

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