That is just special. Wrestlers are a lot of things but in some cases, they are nothing short of heroes for fans. The people that these fans see on TV can mean the world to them and there are instances of them getting to do something very special for some of them. That is the case again as a wrestling legend has done something awesome for a young fan who is in need.

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The Rock has uploaded a video to his Instagram showing him singing You’re Welcome from Moana to a two year old fan named Naomi who is dealing with a brain disorder. Naomi had said she wanted Maui (the Rock’s character in Moana) to sing the song to her. Rock went on to say that he would sing the song to her anytime she needed it. Rock has used part of the song during recent promos.

This is amazing. Check out the video plus some of Rock’s recent efforts:

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that you do not get to see very often and it is never going to get old. It is a shame that Naomi is in her current condition but hopefully this is something that helps her out. I love seeing something like this as it took Rock all of five minutes to do this but it very well could mean the world to Naomi. It would be great if this helps her and hopefully that is just what happens.

What do you think of Rock’s return? How will he do at WrestleMania? Let us know in the comments below.

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