Someone get security! Wrestling is a violent sport and sometimes it spills out of the ring and into other places. There’s a lot more to an arena than just the ring, including a big backstage area. Sometimes a fight goes into that backstage area and things get a little more violent than they can elsewhere.

And there are a bunch of them.

Wildest locker room brawls: WWE Top 10, March 19, 2018

WWE has released a new Top Ten video of the wildest backstage brawls in company history. For the most part these are a more modern occurrence though some do date back to the Ruthless Aggression Era. Most of them don’t last long but the start of them are hot enough angles that they leave a lasting impact.

Here’s what #1 set up.

Opinion: There’s some good stuff in here but you could guess the #1 spot without much trouble. Most of these don’t last long enough to mean much but that’s the point of having the referees and security on hand in the back. It’s a good selection of instances though, especially with the top spot actually being a moment that set up a big match down the line at “Survivor Series 2017”.

A little more in-depth look at #1:

Monday Night Raw falls under siege by SmackDown Superstars: Raw, Oct. 23, 2017

Which of these was your favorite? What did WWE forget from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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