Tables, ladders and chairs can do that to you. One of the biggest stories coming out of this week’s “Monday Night Raw” was Dean Ambrose’s arm being destroyed by the Bar and Samoa Joe. While it was clear that he was badly hurt, we’re still not sure on how long Ambrose is going to be out. We are however a bit more sure about when the initial injury took place.

According to the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” by way of, Ambrose’s injury initially took place at September’s “Tables Ladders and Chairs 2017” pay per view. During the match, Ambrose’s arm hit a table but the table didn’t break, causing the arm to swell up. Ambrose didn’t take any time off to heal the injury, causing it to get even worse.

This probably didn’t help things.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose cause carnage with elbow drops through tables: WWE TLC 2017

Opinion: I can’t say I’m surprised. A Tables, Ladders and Chairs match is one of the most dangerous matches you’re going to see in wrestling and it’s no surprise that someone is going to get hurt. The fact that Ambrose seemingly refuses to take time off didn’t help things either. Hopefully he’s back sooner rather than later as this could cost him “Wrestlemania XXXIV”.

Are you surprised Ambrose got hurt? If he’s back, what do you want to see him do at “Wrestlemania XXXIV”? Let us know in the comments below.


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