That’s an upgrade. WWE has been going through a lot of changes this year and by far the biggest has been the change over from Vince McMahon to the new regime, mainly headed by Triple H. Things have gone in a new direction in the months since McMahon retired, and now we know a bit more about how much of an impact the change has had backstage in the company.

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A new report by Fightful Select has more details on how the backstage atmosphere has changed since McMahon retired. According to the report, the locker room’s morale has greatly improved under the new regime, as things are seen as much more easygoing with less worry about being in trouble or fired over something out of your control. While some wrestlers are still not being used, their situations have improved, including with wrestlers having more creative input.

This comes after what was seen as a creative low point for the company around the 2022 Royal Rumble. The show was said to have been seen as a low point in the locker room having faith in McMahon’s abilities as a booker. The change over to Triple H has led to a new optimism in the company, even if not everything has been perfect. McMahon retired from WWE on July 22 during an internal investigation over inappropriate payments and a relationship with a WWE employee.

Things have changed a bit under the new boss. Check out some of the recent highlights:

Opinion: This is one of those changes that can shake up a company in a big way and it seems to have been rather positive for the most part. McMahon was a complete game changer for the wrestling world but it did seem like things needed to be switched around. If Triple H is the right leader for the company then good for him, and it has seemed to be a bit more fun in the last few months.

What do you think of the new regime? What other changes would you like to see in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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