Date: July 5, 2024
Location: Scotia Bank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett

We are a day away from Money In The Bank and that means it is time to get the final push towards the show. The ladder matches are officially set and now we are probably going to be seeing people sitting on ladders and talking to each other. Other than that, the Bloodline has gotten rid of Paul Heyman and now we are going to be seeing the start of the fallout. Let’s get to it.

Here is Jey Uso to get things going. He wants to win Money In The Bank but here is LA Knight to interrupt. Knight was the favorite last year and look what happened to him. Tomorrow, the people will be saying YEAH, not YEET. They get into a catchphrase off until Carmelo Hayes interrupts, saying no one wants to hear that.

Chad Gable cuts them off to say he’s been going through all kinds of problems in the last few weeks. Andrade interrupts and doesn’t say much before Drew McIntyre interrupts to brag about having CM Punk’s bracelet. McIntyre mocks most of the other people, including asking how Jey got across the border. The fight is on with Knight and Uso knocking McIntyre to the floor and standing tall.

Bayley is in the back when Chelsea Green interrupts, threatening to cash in on Bayley soon. Piper Niven jumps Bayley, with Green saying that’s how she can cash in.

Post break, Bayley has gotten a match with Niven tonight.

Street Profits vs. Pretty Deadly

B-Fab is here with the Profits. Ford wrestles Wilson to the mat to start as Barrett is swooning over Pretty Deadly’s attire. Prince comes in and gets double hiptossed in short order, only to have Wilson hammer Dawkins down in the corner. We take a break and come back with Dawkins getting two off a sunset flip but getting knocked back into the corner. That doesn’t last long either though as Dawkins gets over to Ford for the house cleaning. Ford gets caught on top but Dawkins makes a blind tag and makes a save. Dawkins knocks Prince off the apron and hits a big dive. Ford’s frog splash pins Prince at 9:45.

Result: Street Profits b. Pretty Deadly – Frog splash to Prince (9:45)

A-Town Down Under is ready to retain the Tag Team Titles, with Grayson Waller giving Austin Theory a big pep talk.

We look back at the Bloodline wrecking Paul Heyman last week.

Indi Hartwell/Candice LeRae vs. Jade Cargill/Bianca Belair

Joined in progress with Cargill kicking Hartwell in the face but some double teaming brings Cargill down. Cargill fights up and it’s a double knockdown, allowing the tag off to Belair so the pace can pick up. Belair kicks LeRae down and brings Cargill back in for stereo Jaded/KOD and the pin on LeRae at 4:12.

Result: Jade Cargill/Bianca Belair b. Indi Hartwell/Candice LeRae – Jaded to LeRae (4:12)

Post match Belair and Cargill say they’re coming to get the Women’s Tag Team Titles back.

Video on DIY vs. A-Town Down Under.

Here are Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes for a chat. Rhodes says they have heard enough from the Bloodline so they are ready for a fight. Orton is ready to end that fight with an RKO but it’s off to Owens, with the fans approving. Owens would rather talk about the last four days rather than the last four years, because he got a call from his dad.

Apparently his mom was rushed to the hospital, where he and his family have watched his mom fight for a few days. His mom is still in the hospital and won’t be at Money In The Bank, but that would be a problem for his mother. She did everything to make Owens’ dream come true, and she would be furious if he missed a show because of her.

We get a video on the history of the Tag Team Titles, with even Demolition getting a mention.

Bayley vs. Piper Niven

Non-title and Naomi/Chelsea Green are here too while Iyo Sky is watching from the crowd. Niven runs her over to start and they head outside. Bayley is sent into the steps and we take an early break. Back with the Rose Plant being blocked and Bayley grabbing a sleeper, only to get planted down.

Bayley gets in a knockdown of her own as Naomi and Green get in a brawl on the floor. Naomi gets the better of things so Sky jumps the barricade and decks her. Cue Lyra Valkyria, Zoey Stark and Tiffany Stratton to brawl at ringside, with Stratton moonsaulting onto them. Bayley avoids Niven’s moonsault and hits the Rose Plant for the pin at 7:40.

Result: Bayley b. Piper Niven – Rose Plant (7:40)

Post match Nia Jax runs in to lay Bayley out but Michin runs in to make the save with a kendo stick.

Money In The Bank rundown, complete with Trish Stratus being announced as the official host.

DIY talks about their history in this building.

Tag Team Titles: DIY vs. A-Town Down Under

A-Town Down Under is defending and jump them to start, only to get knocked outside for stereo slingshot dives. We take an early break and come back with Gargano in trouble but managing a twisting Canadian Destroyer to plant Waller on the floor. Theory is right there to cut him off though and Gargano gets dropped for two back inside.

We take another break and come back again with Ciampa hitting Willow’s Bell so Gargano can superkick Waller for two. Waller hits Theory by mistake and gets rolled up for two more. The Shatter Machine hits Waller for a very near fall and you can feel some energy go out of the place on the kickout.

Theory saves Waller from getting taken out but it’s Project Ciampa to drop Waller again. Meet In The Middle gets two, with Theory putting the foot on the rope. Waller’s rollup with trunks gets two but Gargano pulls him into the Gargano Escape. Theory’s save is cut off with a Sicilian Stretch and the double submission gives us new champions at 14:15.

Result: DIY b. A-Town Down Under – Double submission (14:15)

Solo Sikoa holds the lei in his hands and says it makes him the Tribal Chief. This isn’t what he wanted but it’s what had to happen. Roman Reigns was not man enough to defend the title from Cody Rhodes so Sikoa is going to take it back himself. Then if Reigns still wants it, he can come take it from Sikoa.

Street Profits b. Pretty Deadly – Frog splash to Prince
Jade Cargill/Bianca Belair b. Indi Hartwell/Candice LeRae – Jaded to LeRae
Bayley b. Piper Niven – Rose Plant
DIY b. A-Town Down Under – Double submission

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