Shawn Michaels has kept relatively quiet withing wrestling these days. He has spent 6 years in retirement, and seems content with just that.

However, he has still maintained his working relationship with the WWE, including working as a trainer in the WWE Performance Center. As such, he knows who is looking strong within the WWE. When talking with the Orlando Sentinel, he had a lot to say about the talent in the NXT, including who some of his favorite talent was.

“I love the Revival, Roderick Strong, Tye Dillinger,” Michaels told the Sentinel. “I love Elias Samson – I can’t help it, I like the Drifter thing, it stands out to me. I see something in a young guy like Patrick Clark. I think Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are super-talented from a style standpoint.”

He further gave special praise for Bobby Roode, as the WWE is beginning a push for him. “They’re doing something really good and special with him, with the whole entrance and presentation and the ‘Glorious’ thing. He’s getting over at a level he’s not used to, but once they get behind you like that, when he comes in (to Raw or Smackdown), he could be around for a long time.”

Shawn Michaels appearance at Royal Rumble 2017

For more on the interview, go take a read at the Orlando Sentinel.


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