Fists first, then words. Wrestlers are interesting creatures, with some of them being more aggressive than others both in and outside of the ring. Some of their personalities are rather big, which can lead to the occasional issues outside of the ring. When you have a couple of wrestlers with bigger personalities coming together in a place other than an arena, it can get nasty, though rarely like this.

According to, Joey Janela and Enzo Amore got into a fist fight at a Blink 182 concert, with Janela introducing himself and Amore not sounding impressed. This led to a fight with Amore hitting him in the face. The two were not done yet as it turned into an argument on Twitter, with Amore ranting about the incident and Janela later explaining his side of it as well:

I have no idea what else to say here. Check out Amore’s music video for lack of anything else:


Opinion: First and foremost: Blink 182 is still around? Anyway, this comes off as another case of Amore thinking he is a huge celebrity both in and out of the ring despite having very little to no success in wrestling since leaving WWE. Janela just seemed to be a fan trying to talk to a star and being treated rather poorly for it, though this is not out of line for Amore’s history. It doesn’t make either of them look great, but Amore continues to look like he is a rather difficult person to deal with.

Who looks worse in this? Will Amore ever become a star again? Let us know in the comments below.

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