Ring of Honor
Date: August 1, 2018
Location: EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, Virginia
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

Something finally happened last week as Jay Lethal became the Ring of Honor World Champion for the second time. That means things should certainly stabilize around here, but it doesn’t mean much if everything else doesn’t move forward. Death Before Dishonor is at the end of next month and while it’s not necessary to start building that show up just yet, they can’t wait too much longer. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

We look at Lethal’s path back to the top and the title win last week.

Opening sequence.

Kushida vs. Jonathan Gresham

Kushida is dressed like Doc Brown from Back to the Future II and Cabana thinks it’s a spacesuit.  They grapple around to start (well duh) and no one can get anywhere other than to a standoff. A headlock works a bit better for Kushida but Gresham takes him down into one of his own. Kushida bails to the floor for a second.

Back in and Gresham takes him down by the arm. The armbar is even turned into a rollup for two as the announcers talk about the talent on the upcoming UK tour.  They go to a test of strength and flip to the mat with it, including a pair of rollups and the double bridge. The pinfall reversal sequence gets a few one counts and we take a break. Back with a series of standing switches until Gresham hits a standing Lionsault for two. Gresham goes for the arm but Kushida rolls him up to escape and rolls through a DDT.

Back to the Future is broken up so Kushida settles for a failed Hoverboard Lock attempt. With the wrestling not getting them anywhere, they take turns smacking each other in the face. Kushida tells Gresham to hit him again and the forearm exchange is on. Gresham actually gets the better of it and German suplexes him for two. A legsweep sets up the Hoverboard Lock though and Kushida rolls into Back to the Future for the pin at 11:57.

Result: Kushida b. Jonathan Gresham – Back to the Future (11:57)

Gresham is frustrated by the loss and takes off his wrist tape. He does offer his hand though and Kushida shakes it.

Marty Scurll doesn’t like the idea of Shane Helms trying to come to Ring of Honor to make a name for himself. Helms is playing the part of a superhero but Scurll is the real villain.

Clip of the Briscoes retaining over the Young Bucks at Best in the World and then beating them down after the match. So Cal Uncensored came in for the save and beat up the Briscoes.

So Cal Uncensored talks about the lack of respect. Daniels says it started last year when he lost at Best in the World and the fans booed him. Now it’s time to start taking that out on everyone, including COO Joe Koff. They have a few months left here because Koff doesn’t respect them and in the twilight of his career, Daniels may have to look for a new home.

Over the next six months, they’re going to earn their spots around here because firing them would be the worst decision they could make. If that means becoming the new Tag Team Champions, the Briscoes are their next target. Kazarian asks what you would do if you knew your death was coming. Would you hold your loved ones tight or burn every bridge behind you?  They have that luxury now and they’re coming for the best tag team in Ring of Honor history. Scorpio Sky has worked his entire life to get here and if the team is out, he’s out too.

Video on Punishment Martinez.

Kugetsu/Hana Kimura vs. Jenny Rose/Mayu Iwatani

Mandy Leon is on commentary. Kugetsu gets double teamed to start and Iwatani hits a quick standing flip splash for two. Jenny gets sent outside and takes a suicide dive as we go to an early break. Back with Jenny getting crushed in the corner until a double clothesline bails her out. Mayu comes in with some dropkicks and a double springboard wristdrag. A double dropkick against the ropes has the villains in trouble and an even harder baseball slide dropkick nails Kimura for two.

The frog splash misses and Hana hits a hard suplex, allowing for the double tag. Rose gets two each off a northern lights suplex and a top rope clothesline but Kugetsu pulls her into a cross armbreaker. A rope is enough for the save so Kugetsu grabs the referee, allowing Hana to hit Jenny with the Oedo Tai sign. Kugetsu kicks her in the head for two and a double big boot is good. Instead a Samoan driver pins Rose at 9:57.

Result: Kugetsu/Hana Kimura b. Mayu Iwatani/Jenny Rose – Samoan driver to Rose (9:57)

We get some clips from after last week’s show with Lethal pouring out emotion over winning the title back. The title doesn’t mean he’s the greatest. It’s his prize for being the greatest. Bring on all the challengers.

Austin Aries joins commentary for the main event.

Six Man Tag Team Titles: Kenny King/Chuckie T./Eli Isom vs. Kingdom

The Kingdom is defending and have a good laugh at the idea of facing this thrown together team. The champs jump the challengers to start and stomp away on Isom, which Aries refers to as Isomlating him. Chuckie comes in and has some actual success, including Soul Food on Marseglia. Everything breaks down and with the Kingdom in the corner, the challengers celebrate with a three way hug.

Isom gets caught in the wrong corner again but comes out with an enziguri and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Marseglia pulls him right back off the ropes into a backbreaker of his own though and we take a break. Back with Isom hitting a jumping knee to the face and making the hot tag to King. A big corkscrew dive takes Marseglia down with Chuckie tagging himself in on the way over the top. O’Ryan gets suplexed into Marseglia in the corner, followed by a Falcon Arrow for two on Taven.

A series of kicks to the head give us a six way knockdown until Isom and Taven can get up. Isom knees him again but makes the mistake of going to Kingdom’s corner, where Marseglia pops a balloon in his face. Rockstar Supernova is broken up and Isom rolls Taven up for two in a near fall no one seems to buy. Marseglia and O’Ryan run back in though and Rockstar Supernova to retain at 7:56.

Result: Kingdom b. Kenny King/Eli Isom/Chuckie T. – Rockstar Supernova to Isom (7:56)

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