Meet the new partner, same as the old partner. Earlier this year, Jason Jordan was forced onto the sidelines with a bad neck injury. He hasn’t wrestled in over six weeks but now we’re stuck waiting to see when he manages to get back in the ring. When he left he was part of a tag team with Seth Rollins, but that wasn’t exactly a long term tag team. So what might Jordan be doing when he gets back?

According to Wrestling Observer Live by way of, Jordan is going to be reunited with former partner Chad Gable upon his return. The team won both the NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Titles under the name American Alpha before Jordan moved to Monday Night Raw. Gable teamed with Shelton Benjamin for a few months but the team was split when he also switched shows. There is currently no word on when Jordan will be back in the ring.

Could I interest you in some more of this?

American Alpha vs. local competitors: SmackDown Live, Aug. 9, 2016

: Well it only took them about a year to figure this out. I’m still not sure why WWE felt the need to split up one of the better tag teams in the first place, especially when American Alpha could have been one of the anchors of either tag team division for years to come. They’re that good together and it would make a lot of sense to have them back together again as their in-ring work is more than enough to carry them back to greatness.

Do you want to see American Alpha back together? Can they recreate the old magic? Let us know in the comments below.

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