Ring Of Honor
Date: April 20, 2023
Location: University Of Milwaukee-Wisconsin Panther Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni

You never know what you can expect out of this show (save for Athena and Tony Nese/Mark Sterling of course) and in a way, that makes it more fun. They keep things simple with the show and it makes things that much better a lot of the time. The show has yet to be bad and if they can keep that up, it’s a nice use of however long it is this week. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

The Kingdom vs. Darius Martin/Action Andretti

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is here with the Kingdom. Martin gets suckered into the wrong corner to start and Taven adds a dropkick. A running forearm gives Bennett two and a spinebuster is good for the same. Martin manages to send Bennett outside though and it’s Andretti coming in as everything breaks down. Taven gets sent into the corner but Bennett cuts Andretti off, allowing Taven to kick him in the head. The Hail Mary is broken up though and it’s Martin coming back in to pick up the pace. Martin and Andretti both go up but Maria offers a distraction. That’s enough for Bennett to Proton Pack Martin for the pin at 6:16.

Result: The Kingdom b. Darius Martin/Action Andretti – Proton Pack to Martin (6:16)

Athena doesn’t like that she’s not being taken seriously so the open challenge is on.

Willow Nightingale vs. Robyn Renegade

Robyn’s sister Charlotte is here too, but Riccaboni steals the show by rapping Nightingale to the ring (and doing rather well). Nightingale shoulders Robyn down to start and strikes a pose, followed by a basement crossbody for two. A bulldog drops Robyn again but she trips Nightingale up on the apron to take over. Back in and Nightingale kicks her in the face, setting up a spinebuster for two. The Pounce sets up…a sister switch, but the referee catches her. Nightingale grabs a cradle for the pin at 4:57.

Result: Willow Nightingale b. Robyn Renegade – Cradle (4:57)

Post match the Renegades take Nightingale out.

Colt Cabana is happy to be back and getting a TV Title match tonight against Samoa Joe.

Lance Archer vs. Jah-C

Archer jumps him during the entrance and is in control as the bell rings. For some reason Jah-C tries a dropkick and gets screamed at for his efforts. Chops have just as little effect and the reverse DDT plants Jah-C. A lariat finishes for Archer at 1:59.

Result: Lance Archer b. Jah-C – Lariat (1:59)

Post match Archer beats him to the back.

Brian Cage vs. Joey Jett

Prince Nana is here with Cage. An overhead belly to belly sends Jett flying and a German suplex makes it worse. Jett’s slingshot cutter is blocked and Cage hits another suplex. Back up and Jett slugs away, setting up a quick Downward Spiral. Jett hits a running kick to the face for two but Cage takes his head off with a discus lariat. The F5 finishes Jett off at 5:07.

Result: Brian Cage b. Joey Jett – F5 (5:07)

Heath Reckless vs. Athena

Non-title Proving Ground match (if Reckless wins or lasts the ten minute time limit, she gets a title shot). Athena kicks her in the face but stops to pose, allowing Reckless to send her outside. The dive doesn’t go well though as Athena pulls her out of the air for some tosses into the barricade. Back in and about five powerbombs in a row set up a Crossface to make Reckless tap at 2:55.

Result: Athena b. Heather Reckless – Crossface (2:55)

Post match Athena sends her face first into the title belt, as tends to be her custom.

Dark Order vs. Lee Johnson/Cole Karter

John Silver/Alex Reynolds for the Order here. Silver flips over Johnson to start and hits a dropkick but Reynolds gets driven into the wrong corner. Reynolds shoulders his way out of trouble and a clothesline gets two on Karter. Silver gets drawn in though and Johnson get sin a cheap shot on the floor. Johnson takes Reynolds down and tries to cut off a hot tag attempt but a backdrop lets Silver come in anyway. Karter punches Silver from the floor to cut him off again so it’s right back to Reynolds. Everything breaks down and a series of strikes set up the Stunner into the German suplex into the flipping bridge to pin Karter at 6:07.

Result: Dark Order b. Lee Johnson/Cole Karter – Flipping bridge to Karter (6:07)

Penta El Cero Miedo vs. Nick Comoroto

Alex Abrahantes is here with Penta. Comoroto throws a toothpick in Penta’s face to start so we get the glove removal but Comoroto cuts off the throw. Some hard shots put Penta down as the early power dominance begins. Penta fights up with a pair of Sling Blades and gets two off a Backstabber. There’s the arm snap for two but Comoroto is back with a fireman’s carry backbreaker onto the knee for two more. Penta isn’t having this and snaps the arm again for the pin at 5:41.

Result: Penta El Cero Miedo b. Nick Comoroto – Arm snap (5:41)

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Lee Moriarty

They trade takedowns to the mat to start, with Takeshita’s headscissors not getting him very far. Back up and an exchange of armdrags sets up a leg lariat to drop Moriarty. Takeshita gets knocked outside though and some running knees send him into the barricade. Moriarty starts in on the arm back inside and bends away, including snapping the fingers.

The shoulder is sent into the buckle a few times but Takeshita is back with a jumping clothesline. There’s a brainbuster to give Takeshita a breather and some running kicks in the corner rock Moriarty. A middle rope backsplash gives Takeshita two but Moriarty catches him on top with a superplex.

They slug it out until Takeshita’s German suplex into the Blue Thunder Bomb gets two. The running knee misses though and Moriarty suplexes him into a Border City Stretch. That’s broken up as well and Moriarty’s European Clutch is countered into a legtrap Tombstone for two. Takeshita forearms him down and the running knee finishes at 12:40.

Result: Konosuke Takeshita b. Lee Moriarty – Running knee (12:40)

Gringo Loco vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

Non-title. They flip around to start until Vikingo runs the ropes for a headscissors and then kicks Loco to the floor. Loco takes him right back down though and hits a dive, only to get slammed down back inside. Loco catches him inside for a super Spanish Fly, followed by a spinning faceplant for two.

Vikingo scores with some kicks to the face before doing a triple springboard hurricanrana to send him outside. A springboard inverted hurricanrana drops Loco on the floor for two back inside, followed by the outside in corkscrew 450 for two more.

Vikingo’s swinging sitout Rock Bottom plants Loco again, setting up a corkscrew rope walk dive to the floor. The 630 misses though and Loco drops him face first onto the top. They both go up top for the super gorilla press slam to plant Vikingo again. A double springboard poisonrana plants Loco and the 630….apparently retains the title at 12:19.

Result: El Hijo del Vikingo – 630 (12:19)

Iron Savages vs. Logan Lynch/Ren Jones

The Savage are formerly known as Bear Country and have Jameson Ryan with them. Jones’ early shots to Boulder just hurt himself and Jones is sent flying into Lynch. Bronson piledrives Lynch onto Jones and Boulder slams both of them. An electric chair into a splash gives Bronson the double pin at 2:18.

Result: Iron Savages b. Logan Lynch/Ren Jones – Double pin (2:18)

Gringo Loco lost but Tony Khan has invited him back so it’s a good night.

TV Title: Colt Cabana vs. Samoa Joe

Joe is defending. Cabana rolls him up to start but Joe elbows him in the face and fires off the rapid jabs in the corner. A snapmare into the chop to the back gets two but the MuscleBuster is cut off. Cabana’s middle rope sunset flip gets two and the Bionic Elbow puts Joe down again. The Flying Apple into the middle rope splash gives Cabana two but a moonsault hits knees. Joe Koquina Clutches him to retain at 5:41.

Result: Samoa Joe b. Colt Cabana – Koquina Clutch (5:41)

Respect is shown to end the show.

The Kingdom b. Darius Martin/Action Andretti – Proton Pack to Martin
Willow Nightingale b. Robyn Renegade – Rollup
Lance Archer b. Jah-C – Lariat
Brian Cage b. Joey Jett – F5
Athena b. Heather Reckless – Crossface
Dark Order b. Lee Johnson/Cole Karter – Flipping rollup to Karter
Penta El Cero Miedo b. Nick Comoroto – Arm snap
Konosuke Takeshita b. Lee Moriarty – Running knee
El Hijo del Vikingo b. Gringo Loco – 630
Iron Savages b. Logan Lynch/Ren Jones – Double pin
Samoa Joe b. Colt Cabana – Koquina Clutch

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