Date: April 19, 2023
Location: Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

With just over five weeks to to before Double Or Nothing, the card is starting to take shape. It still needs a lot to be officially announced, but you can probably guess a lot of it from here. Maybe we get something set up tonight, as there are several matches that just need to be made official. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here is Jungle Boy to get things going but before he can get a word out, here is Sammy Guevara to interrupt. Before he can say anything either, here is Darby Allin to interrupt as well. Allin says Guevara is a follower and not a champion, because there is no Guevara Appreciation Society. Jungle Boy is talented, but he got his job because he was part of that California clique.

Jungle Boy says that Allin is only here because he couldn’t make it as a skateboarder. As for Guevara, it would be hard to find new ways to describe how big of a scumbag he really is. While he respects what Guevara does and the risks he takes, Jungle Boy knows Guevara is a scumbag. Guevara brings up that he and Allin will do whatever it takes to make it. Seeing Allin work hard and achieve success gives Guevara a hope, like when Allin won the TNT Title. Then Guevara did it three times, and now it’s time for Allin to sit back and watch him win the World Title.

Jungle Boy says he’s winning the title but here is MJF to interrupt. After insulting the fans (for liking Britt Baker), MJF announces a Pillars Tournament for the #1 contendership. MJF draws a name out of a hat, which determines that Allin gets a bye to the finals, leaving Guevara to face Jungle Boy in a first round match tonight.

Britt Baker/Jamie Hayter vs. Outcasts

Baker is in fact over like free beer in a frat house in her hometown. Saraya is the outcast Outcast here and gets to be at ringside, where she gets into it with Baker’s mom. The fight starts in the aisle until they head inside for the bell/a double clothesline from Hayter. Saraya grabs Hayter’s leg but Hayter is fine enough to drive a diving Storm into the barricade. Baker’s attempt at a Canadian Destroyer on the floor is broken up and we take a break.

Back with Hayter hitting an AA onto the knee, allowing the hot tag off to Baker for the house cleaning. The Lockjaw glove is loaded up but Baker goes with an Air Raid Crash to Storm instead. Everything breaks down and Hayter’s sliding lariat gets two. Baker gets hit with the running hip attack in the corner and Storm Zero gets two. Back up and a Panama Sunrise gives Baker two on Soho, setting up Lockjaw for the win at 9:37.

Result: Britt Baker/Jamie Hayter b. Outcasts – Lockjaw to Soho (9:37)

Wardlow introduces Arn Anderson of all people to be his manager. Anderson is ready to get Wardlow’s TNT Title back.

Here is the Elite to talk about the Blackpool Combat Club. Kenny Omega is more serious this week as he talks about what the Club has put he and his friends through. Right now, the Elite is out there to settle this with the Club and he wants them here. Bryan Danielson pops up on screen to say they’re amateurs, allowing the rest of the Club to come in for the brawl.

With the Elite down, here is Danielson to say that the Club is a bunch of amateurs. Don Callis follows Danielson out with a chair but he gets caught before he can swing, sending him running off. Danielson talks about the potential that Omega has, but since he won’t do anything, it’s time to fix the house. Danielson gets the screwdriver until Konosuke Takeshita is sent out by Callis for the save. The Elite gets back up to clear the ring.

TNT Title: Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Wardlow, with Arn Anderson, is challenging and we get a clip of QT Marshall attacking Anderson two years ago. QT Marshall and Harley Cameron are here too as Hobbs grabs three straight belly to belly suplexes to start. They head outside with Hobbs being whipped hard into the corner and the brawl heads into the crowd. The Powerbomb Symphony is broken up though and we take a break.

Back with Hobbs putting him on the top but a superplex attempt is blocked. Wardlow scores with a Swanton and the slug it out. Wardlow runs him over with a clothesline and snaps off some German suplexes and the big wind up punch drops Hobbs again. Cameron and Anderson get on the apron, allowing Marshall to grab a QT Cutter. The spinebuster gives Hobbs two and Anderson’s finger gun sets up the DDT to drop Marshall. A three movement Powerbomb Symphony gives Wardlow the title back at 9:34.

Result: Wardlow b. Powerhouse Hobbs – Powerbomb Symphony (9:34)

Post match Christian Cage and Luchasaurus come out to stare down Wardlow.

MJF interrupts a Sammy Guevara interview and offers a guaranteed title shot at Double Or Nothing….if he’ll just lay down. That’s a no, but MJF throws in a blank check. Guevara fills in the amount and MJF reluctantly agrees, leaving Guevara to give him a hug (MJF isn’t pleased).

Kommander vs. Jay White

Juice Robinson is here with White. They shake hands to start and White takes him into the corner for a loud chop as we see Shawn Spears watching. Kommander is fine enough to hit a kick to the head and a very multiple springboard flip dive sends White outside. The rope walk has to be dropped as White gets back up and sends him face first into the apron as we take a break.

Back with White hammering away in the corner before dropping Kommander with a chop. Kommander fights back and hits the ropes, setting up a rather spinny rollup for two. A clothesline drops Kommander again but he kicks White off the top. After two failed attempts, Kommander finally manages his rope walk flip dive to drop White on the floor. A springboard phoenix splash gives Kommander two and he climbs on White’s back for something like an abdominal stretch. White isn’t having this and suplexes him down, setting up the Blade Runner (swinging Downward Spiral) for the pin at 10:44.

Result: Jay White b. Kommander – Blade Runner (10:44)

Shawn Spears is not impressed so he gets pulled inside for the brawl. Ricky Starks makes the save.

FTR is shown a clip of Mark Briscoe being jumped by the Varsity Athletes. Since they somehow have no idea that this happened despite them being set to team with Briscoe, they go to check on Briscoe, who has Jeff Jarrett and company with him. Briscoe is ready to fight but the trainer won’t let him. Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett will do it instead.

Here are Chris Jericho and Adam Cole for a face to face chat. The fans love the latter so much that Jericho has to point it out. Cole talks about how much of an inspiration Jericho was, to the point where Jericho inspired his catchphrase. They do shake hands but Jericho says he has zero respect for Cole. He wants to slap Cole in the face but Cole says he and the fans think Jericho is a “jagoff”.

Cole thinks the real Jericho is an insecure stupid idiot and gets in his face. Jericho says you never want to meet your idols and Cole doesn’t want to meet him. There’s the slap to Cole, triggering the brawl. Cue the Jericho Appreciation Society but Britt Baker runs in for the save and goes after Jericho. Cue the Outcasts (who just happened to be under the ring) to jump Baker and Jericho handcuffs Cole to the ropes. A kendo stick emerges and Cole has to watch Saraya get in some stick shots on Baker.

Jeff Hardy will speak on Rampage.

Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Acclaimed/Billy Gunn

The Society jump them before the bell and apparently if the Acclaimed and Gunn lose, they have to join the team until Double Or Nothing. The Acclaimed fights up and hits Scissor Me Timbers on Parker as we take a break. Back with Bowens coming in to slug it out with Menard but Parker gets in a cheap shot with the loaded comb (egads) for two on Bowens. Gunn takes said comb away and breaks it, setting up the Arrival and Mic Drop for the pin at 6:21.

Result: Acclaimed/Billy Gunn b. Jericho Appreciation Society – Mic Drop to Parker (6:21)

Here’s what’s coming on various shows.

Four Pillars Tournament First Round: Sammy Guevara vs. Jungle Boy

Tay Melo comes out to the stage with Guevara but doesn’t stay. Jungle Boy sends him outside for a dive to start but Guevara switches places with him for a dive of his own. Back in and Guevara hits a super Spanish Fly to leave both of them down as we’re now a minute in. As Darby Allin watches from the rafters, they go to the apron for a standoff until Guevara knees him out of the air. Another Spanish Fly to the floor plants Jungle Boy on the floor and we take a break.

Back with Jungle Boy fighting out of trouble, including a hard clothesline. They head to the floor for an apron bomb from Jungle Boy, followed by a top rope Canadian Destroyer for two back inside. Guevara is back with a top rope cutter before flipping Jungle Boy into a DDT for two. The GTH is countered into a poisonrana and the running forearm to the back of Guevara’s head but Jungle Boy can’t follow up.

The Snare Trap sends Guevara over to the ropes so Jungle Boy goes up. One heck of a running dropkick sends Jungle Boy HARD into the corner of the ringside table. Guevara breaks up the count at eight though and here is MJF to pull Jungle Boy out of the ring (behind the referee’s back). A big shot with the diamond ring knocks Jungle Boy cold, allowing the referee to pick up his count at nine for the countout at 11:39.

Result: Sammy Guevara b. Jungle Boy via countout (11:39)

MJF and Guevara celebrate as Darby Allin is not pleased to end the show.


Britt Baker/Jamie Hayter b. Outcasts – Lockjaw to Soho
Wardlow b. Powerhouse Hobbs – Powerbomb Symphony
Jay White b. Kommander – Bladerunner
Acclaimed/Billy Gunn b. Jericho Appreciation Society – Mic Drop to Parker
Sammy Guevara b. Jungle Boy via countout

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