That’s what he’s gonna do? If there is one thing that the WWF could do with their eyes closed back in the day, it was push Hulk Hogan vs. the foreign monster of the month. It was a formula that worked perfectly well and made a ton of money over the years. That was thirty years ago and a certain foreign monster now seems interested in starting up the old formula again.

On Monday, the recently reinstated Hogan said that he was looking rather muscular at Crown Jewel, to the point where he could beat up most of the current roster. Rusev took exception to this and said that Hogan could start with him at WrestleMania 35, which takes place on Rusev Day. There is currently no reason to believe that Hogan is getting back in the ring and this seems to be more of a friendly exchange.

WWE has certainly thought about this before.

NEXT GEN WWE 2K15 Fantasy Showdown - Hulk Hogan vs. Rusev

Opinion: There’s nothing wrong with this as Hogan isn’t likely to get in the ring ever again, but at least he can still give someone a rub by association. Rusev is straight out of the vein of the foreign monsters, though his popularity due to Rusev Day would keep him from facing Hogan in the first place. This is a nice little moment and while it isn’t likely to move anywhere, it’s still an interesting idea, if you subtract thirty years from Hogan of course.

How would a Hogan vs. Rusev match gone if the ages aligned? What is next for Rusev? Let us know in the comments below.

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