Fusion #29
Date: November 2, 2018
Location: Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Matt Striker, Tony Schiavone

It’s time to get back to the regular shows this week after last week’s Halloween special. Things could be a little more interesting this time around as the Hart Foundation is back, which should make for a rather different kind of show. Fightland is coming up soon enough too so we should get some build towards the big show. Let’s get to it.

We open with a look back at Shane Strickland vs. Tom Lawlor with Low Ki costing Shane the win. Lawlor said he would cash in his World Title shot in February, so Sami Callihan attacked him at a media event while Low Ki watched.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Konnan for a chat. After sucking up to the crowd, Konnan says a witch named Salina de la Renta kept Pentagon and Rey Fenix from being here so here are Salina and Ricky Martinez to cut him off. Salina isn’t happy with Konnan for stealing her talent so she’s had them deported back to Mexico. Konnan refers to Martinez as Ricky Vega, which doesn’t sit well with him. That’s not cool with Martinez, who Konnan calls an Amish gnome Duck Dynasty reject. Anyway it’s time for a match with Konnan bringing in Martinez’s opponent.

Ricky Martinez vs. Puma King

Puma runs him over a few times before rolling into the corner for an enziguri to the floor. That means the dive to take Martinez down again, followed by a high crossbody for two. Salina’s interference lets Martinez kick the ropes for a low blow and there are the Madison Rayne crotch thrusts to drive Puma into the mat.

Martinez is bleeding from the nose and Puma superkicking him makes things even worse. It doesn’t seem to matter that much though as Martinez hits a Backstabber as Striker explains that a broken nose can mess with your vision. The Alberto top rope double stomp is countered with a superplex and a top rope seated dropkick gives Puma two. Martinez is right back up with a super Codebreaker (the Plasma Crunch) for two of his own. They head up again but Martinez’s superplex is countered into a superbomb, followed by la majistral for the pin at 5:09.

Result: Puma King b. Ricky Martinez – La majistral (5:09)

Tommy Dreamer, now in a Randy Savage shirt, says he’s ready to show that he’s still the king of extreme, no matter what Brody King thinks. King has no idea what it takes to really be hardcore but Dreamer has seen the fans through the blood in his eyes, making him get up.

Stokely Hathaway is back at Fightland.

Jason Cade doesn’t think it’s fair that he and Jimmy Yuta are both getting the Middleweight Title shot when he already beat Yuta.

Yuta is ready to win the title.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman isn’t happy with the lack of respect around here. He’s cool with letting Yuta and Cade beat each other up and then pin both of them.

Brody King vs. Tommy Dreamer

The much bigger King shoulders him down to start as we hear about Dreamer’s litany of injuries. Dreamer’s right hands don’t have much effect so they head outside with Dreamer being thrown into the barricade. Back in and they chop it out with Brody getting the better of it, including a Vader Bomb for two. The front facelock doesn’t last long and King misses the middle rope moonsault to make things even worse.

Back up and they forearm each other a lot until Dreamer snaps off a cutter for two. A swinging Rock Bottom gives King two and Dreamer’s DDT gets the same, albeit with a foot on the ropes for the save this time. With the wrestling not working, Dreamer grabs the cheese grater. The referee picks now to wipe his eyes so it’s a low blow to slow Dreamer down, setting up a piledriver to give King the pin at 7:42.

Result: Brody King b. Tommy Dreamer – Piledriver (7:42)

We look at the media day attack again.

Lawlor says he’s been beaten down but not beaten. Salina must be scared if she’s sending Callihan after him and all he wants is to get his hands on Low Ki. The gold is the goal, but Low Ki can be the first treasure on the way there.

Fightland rundown, including Callihan vs. Lawlor in a street fight. The show now features about ten matches, most of which we’ll see on TV later.

Callihan thinks Lawlor is stupid for wanting a fight. Anyone else Callihan has set his sights on has gone away and Lawlor will be no different. Lawlor may be an MMA fighter but Callihan can run him over with a car.

Hart Foundation vs. ACH/Marko Stunt/Rich Swann

Stunt is a small guy who is probably shorter than Rey Mysterio. Pillman and ACH start things off as Striker talks about Pillman’s pretty solid training so far. A neckbreaker and spinning shot to the neck have ACH in trouble so he snaps off a dropkick to send Pillman away. Hart comes in and starts flipping around with Swann. A dropkick puts Hart down for a second but he picks up the pace and snaps off a powerslam.

Stunt comes in and uses Swann as a launchpad for a Codebreaker to Hart, only to dance into the massive (by comparison) Smith. For some reason Stunt tries a slam, earning himself a torture rack. In an impressive power display, Smith launches Stunt at Swann and ACH and dropkicks him in the back to put all three down. The nip up back to his feet is just a bonus. Hart isn’t cool with this waiting around and moonsaults down onto everyone in a crazy looking dive.

Back in and Smith slams Stunt down like a toy and puts a boot on the chest for two. An assisted Canadian Destroyer plants Stunt and a top rope moonsault (from the middle of the rope instead of the corner) from Hart crushes him again. Hart makes it even worse with a snapdragon that flips Stunt over in a nasty crash.

Pillman gets two off a Michinoku Driver but Stunt slips out of a suplex and brings in ACH by falling into the corner. ACH makes the mistake of going after the illegal Hart and gets dropkicked off the apron. The ensuing double teaming doesn’t last long as ACH rolls over for the tag to Swann for a double Lethal Injection. Swann and ACH hit stereo dives but Stunt’s Asai moonsault is caught in midair and Smith drives him back first into the post. You don’t do that to Swann’s partner so he superkicks the heck out of Smith, followed by a very high frog splash for two on Pillman.

Hart hits a top rope DDT on ACH, leaving Smith to put Stunt on his shoulders for a DOOMSDAY CANADIAN DESTROYER. Open Hart Surgery (Spinal Tap) crushes what used to be Stunt….for two as Swann makes the save. Swann kicks Swann and Smith down, followed by the middle rope 450 with Pillman making a save of his own. There are too many Harts though and it’s a powerbomb/Blockbuster combo to finish Swann at 12:14.

Result: Hart Foundation b. Rich Swann/ACH/Marko Stunt – Powerbomb/Blockbuster combination to Swann (12:14)

If you like the sound of this, you can check out the full show right here for free:

MLW Fusion Episode 29: Hart Foundation vs. Rich Swann, Marko Stunt & ACH

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