Date: September 11, 2019
Location: Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

We’re back to the normal schedule this week after last week’s very short show. Normally it would be time to start the slow build towards the next Takeover, but given the schedule for those shows around here, it might be several months before we get to that point. Therefore, I’m not sure what to expect here and that’s kind of a nice feeling. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Imperium to get things going. The fans bust out the TYLER BATE song before anything can be said, which only annoys Imperium even more. Marcel Barthel says fans don’t like them but they will learn to expect their rules and way of life. Alexander Wolfe talks about being here to protect the honor of the mat and of their sport. You can reject them, but you will experience pain and suffering. We pause for a quick SANITY chant before Walter talks about disposing of Tyler Bate. There is no one left to step up to them and you need to get used to it. This is the era of Imperium.

Imperium vs. Danny Jones/Harry Green

Barthel and Aichner for Imperium here. Imperium jumps them to start but Jones insists he can go. That’s fine with Barthel, who hammers him down in the corner as the beating begins in a hurry. Aichner comes in for some backbreakers and then throws Jones over to Green, begging for some competition. Green thinks it’s a good idea to try and fight back, meaning it’s a wheelbarrow DDT combination to send Green outside. Jones gets sent into the corner for a double running dropkick and the powerbomb/European uppercut finishes Green at 3:23.

Result: Imperium b. Danny Jones/Harry Green – Powerbomb/European uppercut to Green (3:23)

Post match Walter hits a running clothesline on Jones to beat some respect into him.

We look back at Kassius Ohno beating Sid Scala last week.

Scala wants a rematch with Ohno, who he will face next week in a British Rounds match.

Jordan Devlin vs. Ashton Smith

Smith works on the arm to start and drops Devlin with a shot to the face. Devlin’s sunset flip attempt is blocked and a dropkick puts Devlin down again. Smith tries to get a bit too flashy though and gets his throat snapped across the top rope. A shot to the back sets up a seated abdominal stretch but Devlin’s standing moonsault hits knees.

Smith catches a middle rope crossbody and plants Devlin for two, only to get kneed in the head. The slingshot cutter gives Devlin his own two but Smith superkicks him out of the air. Devlin is right back with the standing Spanish Fly and the Devil Inside (the pulling Saito suplex) finishes Smith at 5:35.

Result: Jordan Devlin b. Ashton Smith – Devil Inside (5:35)

Toni Storm is nowhere to be found so Nina Samuels takes her time instead. Everyone is talking about Takeover: Cardiff but that’s in the past. The future is the Nina Samuels Show.

We get a video on the British Rounds match. Ohno can’t believe that the most British wrestler around here is an American. Nigel McGuinness, William Regal and others explain the rounds system: six three minute rounds with a thirty second rest period between rounds. You win with either two pinfalls, two submissions, one knockout or by having more falls at the end of the final round.

Tegan Nox vs. Shax

Shax would rather slap her than shake her hand so it’s a kick to the head and a fall away slam. The Shiniest Wizard finishes Shax at 29 seconds.

Result: Tegan Nox b. Shax – Shiniest Wizard (0:29)

Post match here’s Kay Lee Ray to mock Nox, saying no one has talked about the title win yet. If Nox wants to make an impact, they can have a match.

Noam Dar is having a press conference. He’s here to talk about the future, starting with Takeover: Cardiff. The last few weeks have been the worst of his life and it’s time for him to mature. Today, he is going to officially announce that he is simply the best. First question: “Did you really call this press conference just to tell us how great you are?” Dar: “Yes!” Hang on though as Trent Seven is on the phone with Drake Maverick, begging him to take Dar back. That’s enough for Dar, who walks out.

Tag Team Titles: Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

The Veterans are challenging. Andrews works on Gibson’s arm to start but gets dragged into the Veterans’ corner instead. It’s off to Drake, who gets caught in a quick armdrag, meaning it’s back to the arm wringing. Webster comes in and gets in a few shots before handing it back to Andrews. This time the Veterans do a bit better by throwing Andrews into the corner and hammering away on him with a suplex connecting for two.

Andrews gets taken to the floor for an assisted shoulder breaker. A cobra clutch keeps Andrews down and Gibson yells at Drake to pull harder. Andrews gets in a Stundog Millionaire to escape and the hot tag brings in Webster. House is cleaned and Angel’s Wings gets two on Drake. A jumping knee to the face and Andrews’ assisted 450 hit Gibson for two more but Drake is back in for the save.

Everything breaks down and Gibson chops Webster, setting up a Doomsday Device of all things for two more. Andrews makes the save and moonsaults onto Gibson, followed by a super inverted hurricanrana for the near fall on Drake. Even the fans have to applaud the kickout and the NXT chants begin.

Gibson comes back in and counters the Stundog Millionaire into the Shankley Gates, only to have Webster come in with a top rope flip dive for a save of his own. Ticket to Mayhem is countered into a rollup to give Webster two more so Gibson slaps him in the face. Helter Skelter is broken up and Drake superkicks Gibson by mistake. Webster cuts Drake off and Fall To Pieces retains the titles at 12:39.

Result: Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews b. Grizzled Young Veterans – Fall To Pieces to Gibson (12:39)

The Match They Needed To Have:

Imperium b. Danny Jones/Harry Green – European uppercut/Powerbomb combination to Green
Jordan Devlin b. Ashton Smith – Devil Inside
Tegan Nox b. Shax – Shiniest Wizard
Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews b. Grizzled Young Veterans – Fall to Pieces to Gibson

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