It’s all about the numbers. WWE is changing at the moment with one big move after another. This has included a variety of changes to the rosters, with NXT becoming a bigger deal now that it is becoming more of a main roster show. Some wrestlers moved down there in advance though, and now another former top NXT star may be interested in heading back down.

Kevin Owens was fired by Shane McMahon in an angle at the end of this week’s SmackDown Live. After the show was over, Owens sent out a tweet saying 14-24-20. While the exact definition of the tweet is not known, the fourteenth, twenty fourth and twentieth letters of the alphabet are N-X-T. Owens has not tweeted anything else since his firing, though fans have brought up the NXT theory since.

Owens has a history in NXT. Check out his time as NXT Champion:


Opinion: Makes sense to me, as Owens is someone who could offer a lot to NXT just for the sake of having a former Universal Champion on the roster. While I fully expect this to be a way to extend Owens’ feud with McMahon, there is nothing wrong with giving the new show a nice boost. Owens is someone who could make a big difference for a little while down there so let him try his luck.

Do you like the idea of Owens going to NXT? Who else should go down there? Let us know in the comments below.

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