Date: July 7, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

Things need to pick up a bit around here and unfortunately that has been the case for a little while now. Between the influx of NXT stars and nothing major happening for a few weeks now, it hasn’t been the most exciting place. Maybe that can be changed this week as Kenny Williams faces Tiger Turan. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Kenny Williams vs. Tiger Turan

Williams charges at him before the bell but settles for a lockup once we get going. That earns him an armbar from Turan without much effort, followed by a running shoulder for the knockdown. Turan goes back to the arm before dropkicking a frustrated Williams out to the floor. Back in and Turan does a headstand in the corner to avoid another charge before kicking Williams down again.

Williams finally gets smart by taking out the leg and a boot scrape across the eyes makes it worse. The neck crank doesn’t do much for Williams as Turan is back with a sunset flip for two. A tilt-a-whirl faceplant plants Williams but the Swanton hits raised knees. That lets Williams talk a bunch of trash (Williams: “I KNOW IT’S YOU!”) but the distraction lets Turan grab a small package for the pin at 6:35.

Result: Tiger Turan b. Kenny Williams – Small package (6:35)

Post match Williams goes after Turan and takes the mask off, revealing….a second mask. Referees have to drag Williams away from the ring. Nigel mentioned Amir Jordan as Turan’s likely identity during the melee.

Video on Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen winning the Tag Team Titles and being targeted by Pretty Deadly.

Trent Seven was held back by security when Sam Gradwell came in. Even Gradwell thinks what Seven did was low, but Seven storms off anyway.

Die Familie again wants Oliver Carter to join the team but he doesn’t like Ashton Smith’s name being invoked. The result is Carter vs. Teoman at some point in the future.

Josh Morrell vs. Primate

Primate drives him into the corner for some yelling to start but Morrell gets in a shove of his own to start the frustration. The test of strength actually puts Primate down but Morrell can’t break his bridge. With that not working, Morrell goes up to the corner and gets German suplexed right back down for the big crash. A backdrop gives Primate two but Morrell low bridges him to the floor. Back in and Primate runs him over again, setting up a clothesline to the apron. That’s fine with Morrell, who grabs a sunset flip for the completely clean pin at 4:06.

Result: Josh Morrell b. Primate – Sunset flip (4:06)

Blair Davenport is back and gets interrupted by Amale. Last week Davenport talked about crushing hope, which COULDN’T have been about her. Davenport laughs it off, but does threaten Amale if she ever tries anything else. With Davenport gone, Stevie Turner comes in and gets a match with Amale as a result.

Video on Ilja Dragunov and all of the people he has beaten. As for now though, Dragunov sees a lion called Wolfgang and is ready to face that lion.

Tate Mayfairs vs. Trent Seven

Seven chops him down to start and hits more chops to make it even worse. A DDT plants Mayfairs and another chop gets two. The trash talk takes a bit too long though and Mayfairs strikes away, only to get chopped back down. The Seven Star Lariat finishes Mayfairs at 4:07.

Result: Trent Seven b. Tate Mayfairs – Seven Star Lariat (4:07)

Post match Seven grabs a leglock, drawing out Sam Gradwell for the save.

Noam Dar calls himself a victim of his own success because he has cleared out the entire Heritage Cup division. That’s why Mark Coffey is getting another shot, because Mark is a lucky lucky boy. The fact that there is a ton of money on the line doesn’t make it any harder.

Meiko Satomura/Sarray vs. Xia Brookside/Eliza Alexander

Brookside pulls Sarray’s hair to start so Sarray cranks on the arm. That’s reversed into some arm cranking from Brookside, which is reversed into some arm cranking from Sarray. Brookside has to headstand her way out of a headscissors and it’s Alexander coming in for a shot to the ribs. Sarray bridges out of a near fall and hits a basement dropkick, allowing the tag off to Satomura.

House is quickly cleaned and it’s already back to Sarray, who is clotheslined down in a hurry. Alexander hits a basement forearm for two and we hit the camel clutch. With that broken up, Sarray rolls her up and hits a double stomp to the chest for two. The real hot tag brings in Satomura to clean house, including a DDT and a frog splash for two on Alexander. Everything breaks down and Alexander pulls Brookside out of the way of a charging Sarray. Satomura is back up and Brookside gets knocked into the ropes for the running dropkick from Sarray. Scorpio Rising finishes Brookside at 9:28.

Result: Meiko Satomura/Sarray b. Xia Brookside/Elize Alexander – Scorpio Rising to Brookside (9:28)

Celebrating ends the show.


Tiger Turan b. Kenny Williams – Small package
Josh Morrell b. Primate – Sunset flip
Trent Seven b. Tate Mayfairs – Seven Star Lariat
Meiko Satomura/Sarray b. Xia Brookside/Eliza Alexander – Scorpio Rising to Brookside

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