Date: April 24, 2019
Location: Pier 12, New York City, New York
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

We’re still in New York and the big story seems to be the setup for the rematch between Pete Dunne and Walter for the UK Title. That’s more than enough to carry the show for the time being as the match itself feels so huge. Couple that with some of the rather nice midcard material they have and we’re in good shape. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Ligero vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno powers him down to start and talks trash about Ligero being one of the best British wrestlers around. A sunset flip attempt is blocked and Ohno kicks him in the face for one. Back up and Ligero grabs a headscissors to send him outside but the flip dive from the apron sends Ligero head first into the steps. Ohno: “DID YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT???” The chinlock goes on with Ohno laying back to bend Ligero over his knees. With that broken up, Ohno steps on Ligero’s hand and kicks him in the head a few times. The pump kick and backsplash miss though and Ligero starts firing off kicks to the knee.

Some kicks to Ohno’s head even things out a lot and a top rope splash gets two. Sliced Bread is blocked so Ligero gets two off a victory roll. Code Red gets the same and there’s a running flip dive over the top to drop Ohno again. Sliced Bread off the steps plants Ohno on the floor and he barely beats the count back in. With nothing else working, Ohno goes for the mask to blind Ligero, setting up the Roaring Elbow for the pin at 10:08.

Result: Kassius Ohno b. Ligero – Roaring Elbow (10:08)

Jordan Devlin isn’t happy that his match with Walter is going to be non-title because Johnny Saint wants to protect the rematch of the century. Devlin doesn’t care, because next week he’ll beat Walter up and earn himself a title match.

Video on Wild Boar and Primate.

Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel walk through Axxess, making fun of fans at the create an entrance booth. The entrance and the ring are sacred ground and they don’t like having it treated as a joke.

Here’s Toni Storm for a chat. She’s proud to represent this brand on the most important week of the year. Toni lists off all the great talent in the division (including Rhea Ripley) but promises to be champion for a long time. That’s it for Toni, but it’s Kay Lee Ray (who Storm didn’t mention) coming out as Storm is leaving.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Xia Li

In a bit of an interesting note: the Network description for this show lists this as Ray vs. Xia Brookside, because somehow we have two wrestlers named Xia. Feeling out process to start with Kay taking her to the mat but not being able to get anywhere with the headlock. Kay loads up the test of strength but puts her hand higher than Xia can reach…so Xia jumps up and grabs the hand. That’s some intelligence.

With the hold broken up, Kay has to duck away from a spinning kick to the face and hits a superkick of her own. Li is in trouble in the corner and Kay makes it worse by sending the arm into the corner. The armbar doesn’t last long as Li throws her down and comes back with some forearms. A flying mare sets up a spinning kick to the face for two on Kay, who is right back with a superkick. The Gory Bomb finishes Li at 5:27.

Result: Kay Lee Ray b. Xia Li – Gory Bomb (5:27)

Piper Niven is at Axxess and she’s ready to keep proving herself to Rhea Ripley.

The Grizzled Young Veterans throw Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan’s gear out of the locker room.

Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster vs. Moustache Mountain

Bate and Andrews start things off and we get the handshake of respect. The battle over arm control allows Bate to use his very British counter to escape and it’s back to a standoff. Andrews’ armdrag attempt is blocked with pure power so he switches off to Webster to come in with a top rope stomp to Bate’s arm. That doesn’t hurt Bate’s leg though and he dropkicks his way out of trouble, allowing the tag off to Seven. Webster is fast enough to drop toehold him down and grab a front facelock, meaning it’s back to Andrews.

That doesn’t go very well as Seven rips the skin off of Andrew’s chest with some chops. The fireman’s carry slam into the Swanton from Bate gets two and it’s already back to Seven to keep Andrews down. Andrews finally elbows his way to freedom and it’s Webster coming back in with a standing Lionsault. Seven backdrops his way out of trouble and hands it back to Bate to speed things up again. That means running elbows in the corner to Andrews and Webster, followed by the airplane spin/giant swing combination.

Webster counters the Tyler Driver 97 so it’s an airplane spin on the floor. Back in and the running shooting star gets two on Andrews, who is right back up with the double Pele to both Mountaineers. The tornado DDT gives Webster two on Seven and we settle back down to Seven chopping both of them away.

Bate comes back in for the Dragon suplex/clothesline combination, meaning Webster has to come off the top with a Swanton to break up a double cover. Webster gets the blind tag and it’s a running knee/reverse hurricanrana combination for two on Bate with Seven making the save. Seven comes back in for the snap dragon suplex, setting up the Burning Hammer/top rope knee combination to finish Webster at 12:29.

Result: Moustache Mountain b. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews – Burning Hammer/Top rope knee drop combination to Webster (12:29)

That shouldn’t be possible:

Kassius Ohno b. Ligero – Roaring elbow
Kay Lee Ray b. Xia Li – Gory Bomb
Moustache Mountain b. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews – Burning Hammer/top rope knee drop combination to Webster

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