That’s a rough way to go. Wrestlers take a lot of risks every time they get in the ring, as wrestling is certainly not the safest sport in the world. The wrestlers who get in the ring are putting their bodies on the line every time and they can take a lot of damage. On top of that though, there are all kinds of other health issues wrestlers have to deal with, including one nasty illness.

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SmackDown star Ricochet has revealed that he has been suffering from an illness which has caused him to lose 15+ pounds in a week and a half. Ricochet did not reveal if he is back to full health or if he is expected to miss any ring time. He has wrestled multiple matches in the last ten days and is currently scheduled to face Santos Escobar in the finals of the SmackDown World Cup this Friday on SmackDown.

Ricochet is very good when he is healthy. Check out what he can do:

Opinion: That is never good to hear and it is a shame to hear about someone being that sick. Hopefully Ricochet gets a lot better in a hurry, as he is already looking at a major match this week on SmackDown. Ricochet is a very talented star but a lot of that is going to go away if he is that kind of sick. The SmackDown match is a big deal and it would be great to have Ricochet at full strength.

What do you think of Ricochet? How will the tournament finals go? Let us know in the comments below.

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