• He’s On It: Ricochet Comments On Botched Spot From SmackDown

    It happens to everyone. Wrestlers who are able to make it to national television are among the most talented stars in the world. These are the ones who have worked...

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  • He Almost Got There: How Ricochet Wanted To Pay A Gory Tribute To Steve Austin

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  • WATCH: SmackDown Star Accidentally Busted Open With A Chair, Rushed To The Back

    That’s a nasty one. Wrestling is a physical sport that does not often get the credit it deserves for everything that can go wrong. The wrestlers are highly trained and...

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  • Not Full Strength: WWE Star Very Sick, Lost 15lbs In Last Week And A Half

    That’s a rough way to go. Wrestlers take a lot of risks every time they get in the ring, as wrestling is certainly not the safest sport in the world....

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  • WATCH: The Bloodline Has A New Problem On Their Hands

    They might have a new problem. The last year plus of WWE has been dominated by the Bloodline. The group has dominated almost anyone who has come in front of...

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  • Hand It Over: Title Change Takes Place On WWE SmackDown

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  • Ricochet Teases Next Intercontinental Title Challenger (And It’s A Bit Of A Surprise)

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  • Two Reigning WWE Champions Likely To Miss WrestleMania 38

    I guess they have no path. WrestleMania is the most important show of the year in WWE and being on the card can be a huge boost to someone’s career....

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  • KB’s Review: That Would Be Stupendous

    As you probably know, we are ten days away from WrestleMania 38 and as of this writing, eleven matches have been set for the show, with five matches on the...

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  • Surprise Title Change Takes Place On WWE SmackDown

    History has been made! There are a lot of titles in the wrestling world and many of the most famous and well known are under the WWE banner. The company...

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