That’s a different way to go. Wrestlers are very talented stars as they have to put in a lot of effort to get as far as they do in their careers. You can see when someone becomes a star in the ring, but many of them have other careers or interests as well. Now a WWE Hall of Famer is telling a story about how he was not allowed to pursue another career, at least in one instance.

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During a recent edition of his Kliq This, WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash revealed that he had read for a role in the 1995 movie Striptease. Nash said that he “nailed it” and the producers were interested in using him, but Vince McMahon would not allow him to miss that much time. The role eventually went to Ving Rhames. Nash has dabbled in acting, both before and after his in-ring career ended.

Nash is talented in multiple ways. Check out the clip (which includes some other interesting bits), plus some of his better in-ring work:

Opinion: That is hardly a stretch, as Nash was a featured star in WWE at that point and had acted a bit before. It would not surprise me if he would have been able to get a spot in a movie like this, though it would also not surprise me to have McMahon shut down something that would take Nash away for so long. Nash has done well enough in acting and maybe he could have made a better go at a career had he not been so busy with wrestling.

What do you think of Nash’s acting? Which wrestler could make a successful actor? Let us know in the comments below.

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