Monday Night Raw
Date: October 17, 2022
Location: Paycom Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Commentators: Corey Graves, Kevin Patrick

We’re rapidly approaching Crown Jewel and WWE has the main event covered with Logan Paul challenging Roman Reigns. That leaves some spots open for the rest of the card, some of which needs to be filled in soon. Odds are we’ll get some of that soon and you can probably guess some of the matches from here. Let’s get to it.

We open with Bobby Lashley in the ring mid-promo, where he calls out Brock Lesnar. Cue Lesnar and they get in a fight before Lesnar can even make it to the ring, with Lashley getting posted on the floor. Lashley slips out of another posting and sends Lesnar into it instead. A spear through the barricade draws out wrestlers and officials to break it up but Lashley gets away. This time it’s Lesnar going through the announcers’ table (on the second attempt) to leave him laying.

OC vs. Alpha Academy

AJ Styles is here with the OC. Anderson takes Gable into the corner to start and it’s off to Gallows vs. Otis. The shots in the corner stagger Otis so Anderson comes back in. A cheap shot from the apron lets Otis knock him to the floor and we take a break. Back with Gallows cleaning house until Anderson gets caught with a northern lights suplex for two. That doesn’t work so well as it’s the Magic Killer for the pin on Gable at 8:14.

Result: OC b. Alpha Academy – Magic Killer to Gable (8:14)

Post match the Judgment Day comes out with Finn Balor saying he started this Club. The challenge is thrown out for Crown Jewel and the match is made rather quickly. Styles wants to fight right now though, but it’s Dominik Mysterio to say AJ would run away like Rey Mysterio did to Smackdown. AJ challenges Dominik for tonight and Rhea Ripley accepts for him. Dominik isn’t ready right now though so we’ll do it in like an hour or so. Styles tells him to drink some water though so he can beat the p*** out of him.

We look back at Seth Rollins winning the United States Title last week.

Here is a rather jazzed up Seth Rollins for a chat. Rollins brags about being the new champion and is ready to wipe the floor with Matt Riddle tonight. Cue Mustafa Ali of all people to interrupt, allowing him to congratulate Rollins as well. Ali is wondering when Rollins is going to congratulate Brock Lesnar for the help but we can move on from that.

See, Bobby Lashley promised Ali the next shot and Ali wants the shot, no matter who the champion is. Rollins laughs him off because Ali doesn’t belong in this ring. Ali TAKES ROLLINS’ GLASSES and says he is Rollins’ next freakin problem. Rollins calls him a good man and father and then punches him in the face. The champ goes to leave but Ali jumps him from behind. The fight is on and Ali takes a heck of a posting.

JBL’s limo arrives.

Damage Ctrl vs. Candice LeRae/Bianca Belair

Non-title and Bayley is on commentary. Candice takes Sky down to start and hands it off to Belair. Kai comes in and gets shouldered hard but everything breaks down. The villains are knocked to the floor, where Candice hits a springboard dive to send us to a break. Back with Sky rolling Belair up for two and Kai coming in to pull Belair by the braid. That doesn’t last long either as Belair gets over for the tag off to LeRae. A step up backsplash onto Kai’s back lets Candice go up top, only to get pulled back down.

Candice gets knocked down into the corner so Kai can hold her down with a boot to the face. That’s broken up as well and it’s back to Belair to clean house. LeRae comes back in off a blind tag and it’s Belair with a suplex into LeRae’s missile dropkick for two with Kai having to make a save. Belair gets sent outside so Bayley grabs a kendo stick, earning herself a tackle over the announcers’ table. That leaves Sky and Kai to hit a kind of double electric chair for the pin on LeRae at 12:11.

Result: Damage Ctrl b. Candice LeRae/Bianca Belair – Double electric chair to LeRae (12:11)

Matt Riddle is ready to win the US Title. He sees Mustafa Ali and says when he wins, Ali can have a shot. Ali appreciates that but they hear Miz shouting about slipping and hurting his knee. Riddle talks about knowing a sanitation engineer, but Miz is sure he’s torn his ACL so GET HIM SOME HELP.

Judgment Day is getting Dominik Mysterio ready but NXT’s Cora Jade comes up to Rhea Ripley. Jade wants Rhea to come to NXT and hurt Roxanne Perez in their Pick Your Poison match tomorrow.  Ripley is in.

Here is JBL of all people for a special appearance. After insulting the Oklahoma Sooners football team for losing to a real team like the Texas Longhorns, JBL talks about Rey Mysterio leaving Monday Night Raw for Smackdown. It turns out that, thanks to a trade there is a new star here in the form of…..Baron Corbin! After Corbin gets his big entrance, JBL mocks modern stars such as Dolph Ziggler who are taking money and TV time that could go to people like Corbin. Cue Ziggler and it’s time for a match.

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

JBL is on commentary. Corbin kicks Ziggler in the face to start and chokes him on the apron. Ziggler fights up and knocks Corbin into the corner for an Arn Anderson eye rake across the rope. A reverse suplex gives Corbin two and a hard clothesline puts Ziggler on the floor. There’s a whip into the steps to keep Ziggler down and we take a break.

Back with Ziggler hammering away but getting caught with a fall away slam to cut that off in a hurry. The jumping DDT gives Ziggler two but Deep Six gives Corbin the same. Ziggler is back up with the Zig Zag for two more, only to have Corbin come back with End Of Days and the pin at 13:36.

Result: Baron Corbin b. Dolph Ziggler – End Of Days (13:36)

Miz doesn’t want anyone to come near his knee but Byron Saxton comes in to suggest that Miz staged the whole thing. That’s too far for Miz, but his knee hurts so he can’t yell. A voice shouts IT’S DEXTER LUMIS so Miz pops up and is just fine. That would be Johnny Gargano, who was mistaken about Lumis but is impressed by Miz’s recovery. The match still seems to be on.

MVP and Omos don’t think much of Braun Strowman. Giants aren’t real, but monsters are.

Here is the Bray Wyatt segment from Smackdown, albeit a bit condensed.

Cameron Grimes is here and asks if the OC want to be his partners tomorrow night against the Schism. They’re in, which Grimes declares to be TOO SWEET.

Crown Jewel rundown, with Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley added to the card.

AJ Styles vs. Dominik Mysterio

OC and Judgment Day are here too. Styles doesn’t waste time by kicking him outside but Dominik is back up with a cheap shot. Choking on the ropes ensues and Rhea Ripley is rather pleased with everything that is going on. A neck snap across the top sets up the Eddie Dance into the slingshot hilo for two on Styles. That earns Dominik a shot to the face and a toss to the floor as we take an early break.

Back with Dominik backing off but getting dropped again, only to have Rhea crotch Styles on top. Three Amigos drop Styles but he’s back up with a gutbuster. The threat of a 619 doesn’t work for Dominik as Styles pulls him into a Calf Crusher. With that broken up, Rhea offers a distraction so Dominik can grab a rollup to give Dominik the upset pin at 14:27.

Result: Dominik Mysterio b. AJ Styles – Rollup (14:27)

Miz is getting ready when Johnny Gargano comes up. Miz isn’t cool with what Gargano did and he’s coming for him next. Works for Gargano.

We look at Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar’s show opening fight again.

Dexter Lumis vs. The Miz

If Lumis wins he gets a contract, but if Miz wins, Lumis is gone from WWE. Hold on though as Miz jumps him from behind and hits a Skull Crushing Finale onto a chair. No match.

Damage Ctrl isn’t worried about anyone they’re facing because they have taken out Alexa Bliss and Asuka. Next week, Bayley wants Bianca Belair.

Miz runs into Johnny Gargano, who says that attacking Dexter Lumis was a bad move. Lumis isn’t going to stop until Miz gives him when he wants. Miz gets annoyed, so Gargano threatens him with….a whistle.

Here’s the returning Elias, who explains that his brother’s career was cut short. The show must still go on though and he has a special song ready. Cue Matt Riddle with his bongos to talk about how Zeked out he got over Ezekiel. Riddle: “You want to hit my bong?” Elias turns him down but promises they can play together one day. Riddle has a seat as Elias starts to play but here is Seth Rollins to interrupt.

US Title: Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins is defending and Elias is at ringside. Riddle goes right for the triangle choke (how he won at Extreme Rules) and Rollins bails to the floor. Back in and a gutwrench suplex sends Rollins down again, only to have him come back with a shot to the throat. Riddle knocks him to the floor though and Elias gets taunted into hitting the jumping knee.

We take a break and come back with Riddle striking away, including a running forearm in the corner. The Floating Bro gets two and Riddle wins another slugout. Another Floating Bro is broken up, allowing Rollins to hit the reverse superplex, which he rolls into the reverse Falcon arrow for two. Rollins goes up for the frog splash but dives into the triangle choke, which isn’t broken up with a powerbomb.

A buckle bomb doesn’t break it either so Rollins gets a boot on the rope for the break. Rollins bails to the floor, where he can’t get Elias to interfere. Instead, Rollins drops Elias, only to get kicked down by Riddle. The snap powerslam and the hanging DDT look to set up the RKO but Elias comes in. Rollins shoves Riddle into him and the Stomp is enough to retain the title at 14:21.

Result: Seth Rollins b. Matt Riddle – Stomp (14:21)

Post match Rollins hits Elias with a Stomp of his own. Another Stomp to Riddle is loaded up but Mustafa Ali comes in to knock Rollins outside. The suicide dive connects and Ali sends Rollins running through the crowd to end the show.


OC b. Alpha Academy – Magic Killer to Gable
Damage Ctrl b. Candice LeRae/Bianca Belair – Double electric chair to LeRae
Baron Corbin b. Dolph Ziggler – End Of Days
Dominik Mysterio b. AJ Styles – Rollup
Seth Rollins b. Matt Riddle – Stomp

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