Monday Night Raw
Date: March 20, 2023
Location: Enterprise Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves

We are less than two weeks away from Wrestlemania and the show is mostly together. That means this week is going to be about firming up everything that is already set for the show, which will include some Roman Reigns. Other than that, it might be time to add in one or two more things, as WWE does on occasion. Let’s get to it.

Here are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to get things going. They think the fans might like them before Sami goes into a talk about how he was wrong for a long time. They have always used each other to get to the next level but they have always done it as brothers. Owens has always said that Zayn is the best he has ever been in the ring with and that’s what made it harder watching him in the Bloodline. It’s time to take the Bloodline down though….so let’s look at that Wrestlemania sign.

Cue the Usos to say Owens and Zayn are just going to stab each other in the back. Zayn says Jey wants to stab Roman Reigns in the back, so we get straight to the Wrestlemania challenge. Jimmy says no, but Jey wants the chance to end the Zayn/Owens problem, so let’s do the brother vs. brother title match. The fight is on with the Usos being cleared out, only to grab chairs.  Cue Roman Reigns and the rest of the Bloodline arriving, which makes the Usos leave.

Montez Ford vs. Austin Theory

Non-title and Angelo Dawkins lets Ford do this one on his own. The fans want the smoke but have to settle for Theory shouldering Ford down and mocking his dance. Theory gets in a big beatdown in the corner but Ford is back up with some stomps of his own. A running clothesline puts Theory on the floor and there’s the toss over the barricade. Ford sits on some fans at ringside and we take a break.

Back with Ford hitting a high crossbody and a running uppercut to drop Theory again. Ford throws in a You Can’t See Me before hitting the standing moonsault for two. A DDT sends Theory outside and there’s the big running flip dive. Back in and Theory gets in a quick dropkick, setting up A Town Down for the pin at 8:45.

Result: Austin Theory b. Montez Ford – A Town Down (8:45)

Post match Theory says he’ll make John Cena believe in him at Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns doesn’t seem pleased with the Usos but Jimmy Uso says he’ll never forgive Sami Zayn for causing trouble with Jey. Jimmy says they’ve got Zayn and Owens at Wrestlemania, with Reigns saying he hopes so. Reigns asks for the room to be cleared….except for Jey.

Post break, Reigns says Jey went off for weeks and now he’s back making decisions. Should Reigns believe him? Jey says he’s Bloodline, which is all Reigns needed to hear. Reigns says he loves him and Jey leaves. Paul Heyman comes back in and Reigns says he got the answers he was looking for, while looking a bit serious.

The men’s four way showcase tag match will include the Street Profits, Braun Strowman/Ricochet, the Alpha Academy and the Viking Raiders.

Chelsea Green interrupts Adam Pearce, who isn’t happy with Carmella not being available tonight. Instead, Piper Niven will be her partner tonight. Pearce reminds her that he is the same manager over and over so Green wants to be in the Wrestlemania match. Threats ensue.

Video on Omos vs. Brock Lesnar, complete with various measurements of Omos’ gigantic hands and reach.

Omos vs. Mustafa Ali

Dolph Ziggler is watching in the back as the chokebomb finishes Ali at 55 seconds.

Result: Omos b. Mustafa Ali – Chokebomb (0:55)

Post match MVP promises that Brock Lesnar will far Omos at Wrestlemania.

Logan Paul is on the way to the ring and blows off Miz on the way.

It’s time for Logan Paul and Impaulsive TV. Paul knows that no one but his dad and that one fan with a sign for his energy drink like him. No one here is going to respect him, but who cares, because it isn’t his fault that they can’t see the talent in front of them. He is a 360 degree entertainer and mocks the St. Louis Rams for heading to Los Angeles. Paul is looking forward to being with the Rams in Los Angeles at Wrestlemania on April 1, his 28th birthday.

We look at Paul knocking Seth Rollins out last week a few times, complete with Rollins’ head turning into a clown as we see the punch land over and over. Paul’s mic goes out and we see Seth Rollins (in a leopard print suit) in the control truck. Rollins asks how we’re going to save this edition of Impaulsive TV….so he plays his own music and comes to the ring.

Cue Rollins, with Paul talking over the fans singing along (Paul: “No one told me St. Louis was tone deaf. Your outfit is stupid.”). The fight is on fast and they go over the announcers’ table, with Rollins getting the better of things. Rollins dives off the top onto some security but Paul knocks Rollins out again.

Now available: Wrestlemania the Musical, starring the Miz.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Johnny Gargano

Damien Priest and Dexter Lumis are here too and Gargano has bad ribs after being attacked on NXT. Gargano starts fast and hammers away with left hands in the corner. The rolling kick to the head and running hurricanrana put Dominik on the floor, setting up the suicide dive. The ribs are banged up though and Dominik drops them onto the barricade as we take a break.

Back with Dominik staying on the ribs until Gargano suplexes his way out of trouble. A missed charge in the corner lets Dominik roll him up for two but the referee sees the feet on the ropes. The Lawn Dart into a basement superkick gives Gargano two but Dominik knocks him off the top. Dominik hits the frog splash for the pin at 10:15.

Result: Dominik Mysterio b. Johnny Gargano – Frog splash (10:15)

Post match Dominik grabs the mic and talks about Rey Mysterio turning down his Wrestlemania challenge. Dominik isn’t done yet though and promises to not stop until he gets what he wants. This Friday, the entire Mysterio family will be live in Las Vegas, as in the same family that kicked him out of the group chat. Dominik: “That’s ok though because the Judgment Day group chat is much better.” He’ll be asking his mom for permission to face Rey at Wrestlemania, if she’ll let Rey’s testicles out of her purse.

Paul Heyman sends the Usos to the jet for seafood, because Roman Reigns is giving them the night off. Solo Sikoa doesn’t get to though, as Roman Reigns wants to see him.

Edge is in a room full of candles and talks about what a hostile man that he is. He has been taken into the Cell by the Deadman himself. We get part of the 23rd Psalm with Edge talking about how he is the valley of the shadow of death. So at Wrestlemania, bring the Demon to face the Devil.

Here is Rhea Ripley for a chat. She doesn’t want to live in the past like Charlotte, who keeps talking about what happened three years ago at Ripley’s first Wrestlemania. That was when she was trying to make a name for herself and earn respect. When Charlotte hears the name Rhea Ripley, she begins to question everything. Ripley: “Don’t WHAT me. You’re all pathetic.”

Charlotte has to admit that it is over for her and when she sees Ripley holding the title up, she’ll know her insecurities were true. She won’t respect Ripley, but she will fear her. Cue Damage Ctrl of all people, seemingly offering help with Charlotte. Ripley doesn’t need it, but Bayley says this is their show. Threats are made and Ripley is game, even if she isn’t in her gear. Bayley is in her gear though and we’re ready to go.

Bayley vs. Rhea Ripley

The rest of Damage Ctrl is here too. Ripley sends her into the corner to start but gets tossed to the apron. A Stunner over the apron sends Ripley to the floor where she blocks the dropkick under the bottom rope. Bayley is fine enough to send her into the post, only to have Ripley hit a flip dive off the apron to drop Bayley for two back inside. A hard knee to the face gives Ripley two but some interference breaks up Riptide. Cue Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus and Lita (with Becky carrying a big bag of popcorn) as we take a break.

Back with the Bayley to Belly hitting for no cover, as Ripley plants her with a belly to back faceplant. Bayley hits a running knee to the face though and they’re both down. Ripley kicks her down out of the corner though and the Prism Trap sends Bayley to the ropes. The others get in a fight at ringside, leaving Ripley to hit Riptide for the pin at 10:43.

Result: Rhea Ripley b. Bayley – Riptide (10:43)

Chad Gable finds Otis getting a manicure and a facial and wants him ringside later. Otis seems game but Maxxine Dupri comes in to say Otis has a hand modeling gig. Otis leaves with….Gable.

This week’s Wrestlemania trailer: Drew McIntyre and the Brawling Brutes in the 40 Year Old Virgin, with Ridge Holland getting his overly hairy chest waxed.

Chad Gable vs. Ricochet

Otis and Ricochet are here too. Gable wrestles him to the mat to start as Otis keeps looking at his freshly manicured nails. Back up and Ricochet starts flipping away before dropkicking Gable into the corner. A super hurricanrana is blocked though and Gable….kind of release AA’s him down. Gable hits a top rope clothesline for two as we take a break.

We come back with Ricochet hitting a running shooting star press. Gable muscles him up though and hits something like a Razor’s Edge Dominator for two. Gable suplexes him for the same but here is Maxxine Dupri to take Otis to the back. Ricochet reverses Chaos Theory into a standing Sliced Bread, setting up the shooting star press for the pin at 10:35.

Result: Ricochet b. Chad Gable – Shooting star press (10:35)

Bianca Belair/Asuka vs. Chelsea Green/Piper Niven

Belair drops Green for the moonsault but Asuka tags herself in and the heroes clear the ring. We take a break and come back Niven taking over on Asuka. Everything breaks down though and Niven misses a charge in the corner allowing Belair to hit a KOD for the pin at 6:36.

Result: Bianca Belair/Asuka b. Chelsea Green/Piper Niven – KOD to Niven (6:36)

Post match Asuka takes out Belair.

Here is the Bloodline (Roman Reigns/Paul Heyman/Solo Sikoa) for a chat. Reigns asks for acknowledgment but cue Cody Rhodes to cut him off. Rhodes wants to know why he is a problem and tells Heyman to stop, because he’s talking to the Tribal Chief. Reigns says the problem is what Rhodes represents and makes fun of his daddy for being a professional rassler.

Let’s look at Rhodes’ track record: he didn’t want to be Stardust so he ran away. Then he started a promotion and he couldn’t get over in it so he ran away. Then he got over and his body gave out so he ran away. Rhodes keeps talking about finishing the story at Wrestlemania but that’s not what’s going to happen. The real choice is April 3, when Rhodes isn’t the champion. Reigns hopes Rhodes will do something that makes his daddy happy and not run away.

Rhodes says what Reigns said is true, but what he did when he ran away helped every locker room make a lot more money. Yeah his daddy was a wrestler and Cody wanted to be a superstar but maybe it’s true that he’s just a runaway violent professional wrestler. No one needs to bring up his father one more time because he isn’t going to show up with a Bionic Elbow. Cody’s brother works elsewhere so all you have is him.

Instead let’s talk about Cody’s Cuban mother who would tell him to knock Reigns out and then hit him again for good measure. Let’s talk about April 3, which is when Reigns is going to wake up and remember how to lose. And then Jey is going to leave him too. Then Jimmy will be gone, and all that is left will be Solo, who Rhodes knows isn’t ready.

Sikoa will leave him too and Heyman will become an advocate again. That leaves Reigns without a family, a Roman with no more reigns and a chief without a tribe. Reigns leaves and Cody mocks Sikoa for following him before kicking Sikoa in the face. Reigns stops Sikoa from using the Samoan Spike to end the show.

Austin Theory b. Montez Ford – A Town Down
Omos b. Mustafa Ali – Chokebomb
Dominik Mysterio b. Johnny Gargano – Frog splash
Rhea Ripley b. Bayley – Riptide
Ricochet b. Chad Gable – Shooting star press
Asuka/Bianca Belair b. Piper Niven/Chelsea Green – KOD to Niven

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