Give him what he wants. There has never been a more powerful person in wrestling than Vince McMahon. While he has been such a force in wrestling, it is safe to say that he is also one of the quirkiest people the sport has ever seen. There are all kinds of stories about the odd things that he has done over the years and now we know another one, this time involving a fish.

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During the latest edition of the Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy told a story about McMahon helping put together the Ultimate Deletion match between himself and Bray Wyatt. An idea that McMahon had would have seen Wyatt coming out of the Lake of Reincarnation with a fish in his mouth, only to go back down. Hardy was asked if they could find a fish but as the filming was taking place at 2am, nothing could be done. McMahon reportedly said “well if we can’t do it, we can’t do it, but it would be great.”

It was something else. Check out the Ultimate Deletion, plus some of Woken Matt Hardy’s other antics:

Opinion: To say McMahon has some strange ideas would be an understatement and this is just the latest on the list. I’m not sure what he saw in the idea of having Wyatt pop out of a lake with a fish in his mouth before going back down, but I’m sure it made sense to him. McMahon has a weird way of looking at wrestling and a lot of the time, it might be better left unable to do.

What do you think of Hardy’s story? What is the strangest McMahon story you have ever heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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