Monday Night Raw
Date: February 27, 2023
Location: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves

We are less than five weeks away from Wrestlemania and you can see a lot of the show’s card from here. That means we should be in for a good event, as there is time to build things up in advance. Odds are we’ll hear a lot from Cody Rhodes this week, which often works out well. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Friday’s Bloodline issues, as Sami Zayn seems to still be getting inside Jey Uso’s mind.

Here are Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa to mock the idea of there being problems in the Bloodline. Families fight all the time but if you come for one of them, you come for all of them. There have been a lot of people who thought the Bloodline was over and they were all wrong. So get them some opponents out here. Cue the Street Profits, who shout a lot and ask where Jey Uso is. Trash is talked and we’re ready to go.

Jimmy Uso/Solo Sikoa vs. Street Profits

Jimmy punches Dawkins in the face to start and it’s off to Sikoa, who gets dropkicked backwards. Ford comes in for a rather aggressive headlock until he gets powered into the corner. This is as good a time as any to look at Ford’s highlights in the Elimination Chamber A quick clothesline drops Ford and we take a break.

Back with Sikoa Samoan dropping Dawkins, setting up the running hip attack in the corner. A jumping back elbow gets Dawkins out of trouble though and it’s back to Ford to hammer away at Jimmy. One heck of a high crossbody gets two on Jimmy and there’s a spinebuster to plant him again. Sikoa gets the blind tag though and it’s a superkick into the Samoan Spike to finish Dawkins (also legal) at 11:43.

Result: Jimmy Uso/Solo Sikoa b. Street Profits – Samoan Spike to Dawkins (11:43)

Post match the beating is about to continue but Kevin Owens runs in for the save.

We recap MVP challenging Brock Lesnar to face Omos at Wrestlemania.

Here is Brock Lesnar for a chat, despite the ring being ready for MVP’s VIP Lounge. With Lesnar having a seat, cue MVP to join him. Well, from the aisle that is, as he’s fine to be a bit further away. Lesnar is willing to talk business though and that means MVP is safe to come in. MVP does come in and has a seat, with Lesnar telling him to sell the people on a Lesnar vs. Omos Wrestlemania match.

MVP likes that idea and paints the picture of the Beast vs. the Giant. If Lesnar puts his hands on a man, that man is going to be in a world of pain. If Lesnar puts his hand on a giant though, the giant can fight back. That’s what Wrestlemania is all about. Lesnar is in and the match is made, so let’s drink on it. MVP offers him champagne but Lesnar whips out a flask of White Lightning. MVP takes a shot…..and spits it out on Lesnar by mistake. Smiles and an F5 ensue.

Becky Lynch and Lita talk about how great it would be to win the Tag Team Titles tonight, calling it a bucket list item. Becky isn’t worried about Bayley either.

Cody Rhodes vs. Chad Gable

Otis is here with Gable. They start fast with Cody taking over and catching Gable up top. A reverse superplex brings Gable back down and we take a break just over a minute in. Back with Rhodes favoring his knee and Gable hammering away. The Disaster Kick gives Cody two and he slaps on a Figure Four to keep Gable down. With that broken up, another Disaster Kick is blocked and Gable flips him over into a DDT.

The moonsault connects for two on Cody but he gets fired up in the corner. They fight over a hiptoss with Rhodes sending him outside in a heap. The suicide dive sends Gable into the announcers’ table as Otis is busy looking at…..something in the crowd. Cody goes over to look with him and the annoyed Otis is sent over the barricade. Back in and the Cody Cutter sets up Cross Rhodes to give Cody the pin at 10:33.

Result: Cody Rhodes b. Chad gable – Cross Rhodes (10:33)

Post match Cody says he’ll be at Smackdown to see Roman Reigns face to face.

Baron Corbin is in the back to talk about how things have gone for him lately but we cut over to Kevin Owens. He talks about consequences, with the Bloodline being the only ones who really need to worry about them.

New Wrestlemania trailer parody: Montez Ford and Bianca Belair in Titanic, with Belair standing on the deck and pretending to fly. Ford drops his phone in the water though.

Judgment Day brags about their Smackdown invasion, with Dominik promising to be back again this week. Rhea Ripley knows Charlotte has accepted what is coming for her at Wrestlemania. Balor says it isn’t over with Edge yet either and issues the challenge for Wrestlemania.

The Maximum Male Models come up to Otis and ask to watch him have a match tonight. Otis goes to find Adam Pearce in search of a match.

Asuka vs. Carmella

Asuka strikes her down to start and counters a kick to the ribs into the ankle lock. Some kicks get Carmella out of trouble so Asuka kicks her down again for two. The chase is on outside, with Carmella getting back inside and avoiding the running hip attack. A superkick drops Asuka on the floor and we take a break. Back with Carmella shoving her in the face a few times and getting kicked down for it. Asuka misses a missile dropkick though and Carmella’s low superkick gets two. The Code of Silence is broken up though and Asuka double armbars her for the submission at 8:40.

Result: Asuka b. Carmella – Double armbar (8:40)

Post match Asuka calls out Bianca Belair and here she is in a hurry. Belair hopes this is about telling the people how they’re going to tear the house down at Wrestlemania. Carmella jumps Belair from behind though and everything is broken up.

Piper Niven vs. Candice LeRae

Hold on though as Nikki Cross meekly follows LeRae to the ring. Niven powers her around to start but misses a sitdown splash. A release Rock Bottom out of the corner plants LeRae and a backsplash gets two. LeRae misses a charge in the corner but gets knocked outside. Cross offers a distraction though and it’s a rollup to give LeRae the pin at 2:32.

Result: Candice LeRae b. Piper Niven – Rollup (2:32)

Johnny Gargano is happy with LeRae’s win and is ready to give Otis some hot action tonight. Judgment Day comes in to mock Gargano for losing in the Elimination Chamber. A fight with Damien Priest is teased, but Finn Balor says Otis can crush Gargano tonight. If not, Balor can do it himself next week. Gargano is in.

Here is the Miz for MizTV. Miz gets right to the point: as per last week’s envelope, he is hosting Wrestlemania! We hear a lot of the card and Miz couldn’t be happier. Cue Seth Rollins to interrupt to talk about how he wants Logan Paul at Wrestlemania. Miz isn’t having this so Rollins lays him out, steals Miz’s phone, and calls Paul live. The challenge is on for Paul to be here next week and he happily accepts. Rollins Stomps Miz to celebrate.

Damage Ctrl is ready for their title defense tonight. Austin Theory pops in to say he isn’t happy with John Cena being back for Raw next week and he’ll tell him to his face. Theory brags about his own hustle and loyalty, but now he wants to show Cena all of the respect that he deserves. As long as Cena gives it right back that is.

Bobby Lashley vs. Elias

Lashley wastes no time in powering him around and they head outside. Elias avoids the posting though and hits a running knee as we see Rick Boogs taking notes in the back. They get back in and Lashley his a Downward Spiral, setting up the spear. The Hurt Lock finishes Elias at 1:35.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Elias – Hurt Lock (1:35)

Post match, Lashley tells Bray Wyatt to keep Lashley’s name out of his mouth. Lashley goes to leave but we see Bray Wyatt on screen, with a version of the Muscleman Dance, featuring clips of Lashley posing. Then things get serious, with Bray telling Lashley to run.

Chelsea Green yells at Adam Pearce when Carmella comes in. Green wants to know how Pearce is going to deal with this but Pearce gets a phone call and has to leave. Carmella and Green seem to get along.

Otis vs. Johnny Gargano

Otis has the Maximum Male Models with him. Gargano hits a flying shoulder to start but gets dropped with a spinning back elbow. Otis misses a charge into the post though as commentary argues about Wisconsin. A low superkick sends Otis outside and Maxine Dupri gives him a pep talk. Gargano’s dive is pulled out of the air and Otis drops him over the barricade. The other Models go after Gargano, but Dexter Lumis pulls them Mansoor over the barricade. Gargano DDTs Otis on the apron and hits One Final Beat for the pin at 2:54.

Result: Johnny Gargano b. Otis – One Final Beat (2:54)

Post match Lumis pops back up for the thumbs up.

We look back at Cody Rhodes promising to be on Smackdown.

Paul Heyman isn’t happy with Rhodes, though he is reminded that Rhodes never said he was going to confront Roman Reigns. Heyman doesn’t buy it though and Reigns will be ready.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Becky Lynch/Lita vs. Damage Ctrl

Damage Ctrl, with Bayley, is defending. Becky takes over on Kai to start but Lita can’t hit an early Twist of Fate. It’s off to Sky, who gets double suplexed for a fast two. Everything breaks down and we get something similar to Poetry In Motion as the champs can’t get anything to go early on. Becky dives onto both of them and we take an early break.

Back with Becky hitting a double DDT, followed by Diamond Dust for two on Kai. Becky gets sent outside though and Sky hits a heck of an Asai moonsault to drop Lynch. Back in and the champs sweep the leg, setting up a double stomp to the back for two. Becky fights back but Bayley slips a title in to distract the referee. Lita gets pulled off the apron, leaving Becky to get caught in a double belly to back suplex. Cue Trish Stratus to even things up and hug Lita, who gets to come in off the tag. Sky gets faceplanted for two and Trish takes care of Bayley, setting up the Litasault for the pin and the titles at 13:16.

Result: Lita/Becky Lynch b. Damage Ctrl – Moonsault to Sky (13:16)

Pyro goes off to end the show.

Jimmy Uso/Solo Sikoa b. Street Profits – Samoan Spike to Dawkins
Cody Rhodes b. Chad Gable – Cross Rhodes
Asuka b. Carmella – Double armbar
Candice LeRae b. Piper Niven – Rollup
Bobby Lashley b. Elias – Hurt Lock
Johnny Gargano b. Otis – One Final Beat
Lita/Becky Lynch b. Damage Ctrl – Moonsault to Sky

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