Monday Night Raw
Date: May 20, 2019
Location: Times Union Center, Albany, New York
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

We’re done with Money in the Bank and believe it or not, that means Brock Lesnar is now a big deal again because of course he is. Lesnar took Sami Zayn’s place in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match and stole the briefcase, meaning it’s time to find out how long we get to have that hanging over our heads. Super ShowDown is in less than three weeks so let’s get to it.

We get some highlights from last night.

Here are Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar to get things going. Of course Heyman is more than capable of gloating about Lesnar being Mr. Money in the Bank because that’s what Heyman does best. Heyman talks about all the conspiracy theories about last night, and how Lesnar got into the ladder match. In reality, all that happened was Lesnar attacked Sami Zayn and made a quick deal to get into the match.

All that matters now is that the two World Champions are now vulnerable to the best assassin in WWE history. Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston need to realize that while the whole world might not be against them, Brock Lesnar is and that might be even worse. This brings out Rollins to say he should be on top of the world after last night but he’s not in a good mood because he has to see this looking at him. He’s out here to be the champion that Lesnar never could be so he needs to get rid of the contract.

Since that’s the case, let’s do that right here tonight. Of course that’s a big negative, because Lesnar wants to make him wait. Heyman brings up Seth having to wait for his girlfriend to main event Wrestlemania and that’s nearly enough for the fight to be on. Heyman holds Lesnar back, saying he might be coming after Kofi Kingston instead. Cue Kofi so the announcers can explain the Wild Card Rule again.

Kofi wants to be one of the best champions of all time so he’s going to need Lesnar to cash that in tonight. Heyman laughs at the idea that the two champions are auditioning to face Lesnar tonight. The way Heyman understands it, Kingston and Rollins aren’t done yet so stay tuned because the Beast is yet to come.

Mick Foley arrives with the new title and is greeted by Dana Brooke, Drake Maverick, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

Sami Zayn has to face Braun Strowman tonight and tries to get Bobby Lashley to take his place. Lashley tells him to go soften Strowman up for him.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Sami, with bad ribs, runs into the crowd to start and heads to the back, where they run into Lashley. The staredown with Strowman has Sami telling Lashley to DO SOMETHING but Strowman says he’ll deal with Lashley later.

Strowman goes after Sami and sends him into various things before dragging him into the arena. Sami manages to post Strowman a few times but gets sent into the barricade so they can head inside. Strowman misses a charge and hits the post so we can have the opening bell. That just earns Sami a hard clothesline (Sami: “OWWW!!!!”) to the floor where Strowman runs him over again. The running powerslam finishes Sami at 45 seconds.

Result: Braun Strowman b. Sami Zayn – Running powerslam (0:45)

Charly Caruso brings Lars Sullivan to the ring for a chat. She talks about how dominant he has been since showing up and we see a quick package of such destruction. Before he can say anything, here’s the Lucha House Party to send Sullivan outside. Double suicide dives take Sullivan down again but he fights them off. The Freak Accident plants Dorado but Kalisto and Metalik save him from the running powerbomb.

Video on AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins from last night.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Fallout from Ricochet getting hurt in the ladder match last night and Cesaro mocking him for being injured. Ricochet has the Kinesio tape on, which is bad idea against the king of the king of Kinesio tape. Cesaro gets a new entrance to replace the James Bond one. Cesaro starts fast with a huge backdrop and Ricochet bails to the floor. Ricochet is fine enough to hit the moonsault off the apron but bangs up his back even more. That’s fine with Cesaro, who catches another dive and slams him back first onto the apron as we take a break.

Back with Ricochet fighting out of a chinlock and countering Swiss Death by being tossed into the air and landing on the standing Cesaro’s shoulders. As in Ricochet is standing on Cesaro’s shoulder. A headscissors puts Cesaro on the floor for the big dive, which is shown in a split screen for the sake of a Secret Life of Pets 2 ad. Back to full screen with Cesaro hitting Swiss Death, followed by a gorilla press backbreaker. The Neutralizer finishes Ricochet at 6:48.

Result: Cesaro b. Ricochet – Neutralizer (6:48)

AJ Styles knows he can beat Rollins but it just wasn’t last night. Baron Corbin comes up to mock him with the claps to say AJ is the kind of guy who always says next time. AJ brings up all of Corbin’s failures but Corbin says he should have gotten the shot since he beat Rollins two weeks ago. AJ doesn’t think that was a slap in the face as Corbin puts it and shows him what a slap in the face is. Corbin promises that AJ will pay.

Here’s Roman Reigns for a chat but before he can say anything, here’s Shane McMahon to cut him off. Shane says he’s done with the Miz and now he has a new target in Reigns. Roman hit his father a few weeks ago and Shane wants to know what kind of a man does that.

Reigns says he hates spoiled rich kids and says that since he’s done with Elias, his schedule is wide open tonight. Let’s put that up to the audience, who seem interested. Actually no because Shane says that’s not happening because he’s the boss around here. Let’s have a demonstration of that power. Shane brings out Drew McIntyre, but stops to announce he’ll face Reigns at Super ShowDown. And…that’s it. No match with McIntyre, at least at the moment.

Post break McIntyre and Shane are in the back when Miz comes up. Apparently he has McIntyre tonight and isn’t done with Shane.

Usos vs. Revival

Before the match, we get a recap of what the Usos have done to the Revival over the last few weeks. Revival jumps them before the bell though the referee counts a near fall anyway because the referees have been pretty terrible lately. Jimmy gets sent into the barricade and the beatdown is on inside. An assisted suplex gets two but Jimmy gets over to the tag a few seconds later so the hot tag can bring in Jey. The Revival gets knocked to the floor and we take a break.

Back with Jey fighting out of a chinlock and hitting the enziguri, followed by more kicks to the head. The Revival takes over with a shot to the head of their own, setting up a powerbomb/top rope elbow combination for two. Jey and Dawson slug it out until Jimmy comes back in for a double superkick. Everything breaks down again and Jey kicks Wilder in the face for two more. Dawson sends Jimmy outside and rolls Jey up for the pin (with tights) at 10:37.

Result: Revival b. Usos – Rollup with a handful of tights (10:37)

Nikki Cross apologizes to Alexa Bliss for not winning last night and pleads her case when the Revival comes in to say they should be the next guests on a Moment of Bliss. Alexa isn’t sure as they parade off.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House, which now has an opening sequence of kids playing. This breaks down into images of LET ME IN painted on people’s faces and a closeup of Bray’s mask saying Let Me In.

It’s time for A Moment of Bliss with Nikki Cross sitting in. The guest is Becky Lynch though, meaning we’re going to need another chair. Nikki moves to behind the table as Bliss asks how it feels to no longer be Becky Two Belt. Before she can answer, here are the IIconics to interrupt. Now she’s Becky One Belt but they still have their two belts, which they won at WRESTLEMANIA! They dance a bit to show off the belts but Becky calls them out for their lack of defenses.

If they don’t shut up, she’ll drag them to the ring and become Becky Three Belts. This brings out Lacey Evans to say she’s the reason Becky lost last night. Becky offers to beat up Lacey and the IIconics right now but Nikki offers to be Becky’s partner. Lacey says that’s still one short so Becky picks Bliss. Becky: “You just got to stand there and look pretty sweetheart. The Man will take care of the rest.”

IIconics/Lacey Evans vs. Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross

As Bliss stands on the floor with her coffee, Becky runs Billie over to start. Peyton comes in and takes Becky down for two so Becky bridges up and kicks her in the ribs. Nikki comes in for a running splash in the corner and a bulldog gets two on Peyton. A middle rope crossbody gets the same and it’s time for Nikki and the IIconics to have a yell off.

Lacey comes in and hits the running Bronco Buster in the corner as Alexa is more interested in the temperature of her coffee. Peyton misses a charge into the post though and it’s back to Becky to pick up the pace. Lacey walks out and Billie rolls Becky up for two. The Bexploder sets up a middle rope legdrop to finish Billie at 5:31.

Result: Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross b. IIconics/Lacey Evans – Middle rope legdrop to Kay (5:31)

Here’s Mick Foley to debut the new title. He thinks there is something missing from Raw and it’s time to revisit those three letters: R-A-W. As the cover is falling off the new title, Foley says it takes a lot to be a champion in WWE. It’s something that you should sacrifice teeth and an ear for and fight 24/7 to achieve. The new title is the 24/7 Title, with a big 24/7 as the center plate.

This title can be defended anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The fans rightfully boo this out of the building and Foley seems a little shaken. You could get pinned going down the slide at Chuck E. Cheese or even in the shower, as long as there is a referee present. We are going to crown a new champion right here in the form of a scramble, with any every superstar from the Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK and maybe a legend being eligible to win the title. The title is laid in the ring and whomever retrieves it achieves it.

24/7 Title: Scramble

The lower card runs to the ring to get the title with Eric Young even making an appearance. We get the classic idea of fighting instead of running into the ring to get the title. Eric Young and Cedric Alexander get in the ring but get pulled out, allowing Anderson and Gallows to pick it up. That doesn’t count because it’s not one so No Way Jose and EC3 break that up. Drake Maverick and Titus O’Neil go after it next with Titus throwing Maverick over the top and picking up the title to win at 2:37.

Result: Titus O’Neil won a scramble match by picking up the title (2:37)

And then Robert Roode runs out and rolls Titus up on the ramp to win the title. Everyone gives chase.

Post break Roode hides as the mob runs the other way.

Miz vs. Drew McIntyre

Shane is here with McIntyre. During Drew’s entrance, we get a graphic for the Super ShowDown match between Shane and Reigns. Cole: “That match taking place at Super ShowDown, which will be equal to or exceed Wrestlemania!”

Miz goes for the legs to start to little avail and gets tossed across the ring. A sunset bomb to the floor is countered with a right hand so Miz punches Drew in the knee to slow him down. Back from a break with Miz powerbombing him out of the corner and sending McIntyre shoulder first into the post. Miz hits a springboard ax handle and hurricanranas his way out of a powerbomb, only to get caught in the reverse Alabama Slam for two.

Another shot to the knee looks to set up the Figure Four but McIntyre kicks Miz into Shane for a right hand. McIntyre’s spinebuster gets two but Miz is right back with the Figure Four. That’s broken up with some chops and Miz goes after Shane again. The chase lets Shane get in another cheap shot and the Claymore finishes Miz at 13:08.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. The Miz – Claymore (13:08)

Post match Shane loads up Coast to Coast but Reigns comes in for the save.

Roode runs past Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley (Roode; “You never saw me!”) as the mob chases him, with the banged up Drake Maverick limping along.

Seth and Kofi are ready for Lesnar and their tag match. Seth won’t shake his hips though.

We look back at Rey Mysterio winning the US Title last night with the announcers talking about the shoulder clearly being up. Rey suffered a separated shoulder in the post match attack.

Samoa Joe says he never lost last night because he wasn’t pinned. He may be a monster, but Rey can have a chance to hand the title back like a man. Be the man that Rey wants Dominic to be, or imagine the example Joe will set for him.

Roode runs for the parking lot and hides in R-Truth’s trunk. The mob comes up and Truth says he went that way. They run the other way and Truth gets Roode out of the trunk. Roode opens the door and finds…..a referee. Truth sends him into the side of the car and gets the pin and the title before driving off.

Seth Rollins/Kofi Kingston vs. Baron Corbin/Bobby Lashley

No DQ in a surprise stipulation. Corbin jumps Seth from behind on the ramp and the fight starts on the ramp. They get inside and Corbin gets two off Deep Six. Kofi comes in to chop away at Lashley and the Boom Drop connects. Everything breaks down and the champs are sent into the barricade as we take a break. Back with Rollins hitting the Sling Blade on Corbin and bringing Kofi in.

That means a chokebreaker from Corbin as the announcers talk about Lesnar possibly cashing in tonight, all but guaranteeing that it won’t be happening. Rollins grabs a chair to break up a double superplex but Corbin punches him in the face. A springboard knee takes Corbin down and there’s a low superkick to make it worse. The suicide dive takes out Lashley and Corbin, followed by the trust fall from Kofi. Back in and Trouble in Paradise finishes Corbin at 10:36.

Result: Kofi Kingston/Seth Rollins b. Baron Corbin/Bobby Lashley – Trouble in Paradise to Corbin (10:36)

Post match Lashley spears both of them down and here’s Brock. Rollins has the chair though so Lesnar walks around the ring and changes his mind. Heyman says they’ll make the announcement next week.


Braun Strowman b. Sami Zayn – Running powerslam
Cesaro b. Ricochet – Neutralizer
Revival b. Usos – Rollup with a handful of tights
Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross b. IIconics/Lacey Evans – Middle rope legdrop to Kay
Titus O’Neil won a Scramble by picking up the title
Drew McIntyre b. The Miz – Claymore
Kofi Kingston/Seth Rollins b. Baron Corbin/Bobby Lashley – Trouble in Paradise to Corbin


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