Monday Night Raw
Date: January 3, 2022
Location: Bon Secours Wellness Center, Greenville, South Carolina
Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

It’s the show after Day One and since it’s WWE, Brock Lesnar has now somehow become WWE Champion. Lesnar has been added to the fatal four way after his scheduled match with Roman Reigns was canceled due to Reigns testing positive for the Coronavirus. That means it’s time for a new direction so let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Title on Saturday night.

Opening sequence.

We run down the card.

The lights go out and a rather happy looking Paul Heyman is in the ring. As an advocate, Heyman would like to introduce us to his client: the new WWE Champion, BROCK LESNAR! Here is Lesnar, who throws some steps in the ring so he can stand up and send good wishes to Roman Reigns. Lesnar: “Now, South Carolina, acknowledge me!” He thanks Heyman for all of his efforts to make the title win possible on Saturday.

Heyman: “You should see the things behind the scenes in WWE.” He is the one who made Lesnar a free agent and then got Lesnar into a title match. Tonight we have a fatal four way, starting with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, who want to work as a team. You have Rollins, who is a visionary, but he’s too stupid to know that his wife is leaving him after he wins the WWE Title. Who is she leaving him for? It won’t be Owens, because he can’t beat Lesnar either.

Maybe they should be traded to Smackdown for Roman Reigns, who is vulnerable without his special counsel. Heyman: “One week without his special counsel, Roman Reigns already has Corona.” Let’s talk about MVP….or not, because no one else is. Bobby Lashley is a worthy challenger and it’s true that the two of them have not met until last Saturday at Day One. That night, Lashley speared him in half and put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock, and as Heyman told Lesnar to his face, it didn’t look like Lesnar was getting out.

Those shots were all from behind though, but if Lashley wins tonight, he is going to face Lesnar one on one. Then there is Big E., who they have nothing against whatsoever. Big E. was an honorable champion and it would be an honor to beat Big E. Heyman: “You’re going to lose, but it would be an honor.”

Riddle comes up to Randy Orton (ignore that he did this before the commercial and then left) and talks about meeting Migos at Day One. They should start their own rap group! Orton makes him hand over the sunglasses and gold chains before saying to remember their New Year’s resolution: listen to Randy more. This turns into a quick rap from Riddle and it’s time to go to the ring.

RKBro vs. Alpha Academy

Non-title. We se a recap of RKBro retaining over the Street Profits at Day One and come back to Chad Gable talking about his education. He calls Otis a tree trunk, which I believe Orton called Otis in their pre-match promo. Gable promises the title reign is about to end and the brawl is on before the bell, with Riddle being launched with a belly to belly.

We take a break and come back in progress with Gable suplexing Riddle (whose toenails are painted). Otis comes in with a gorilla press for two but Riddle manages to toss him away. A kick to the head looks to set up the hot tag but Gable pulls Orton off the apron. Otis splashes Riddle, who is right back with a running knee. The RKO is countered into a World’s Strongest Slam though and Riddle is done at 2:55.

Result: Alpha Academy b. RKBro – World’s Strongest Slam to Riddle (2:55)

Bobby Lashley says Brock Lesnar fears him.

We recap AJ Styles vs. Omos, from their debut through their breakup.

Omos puts his hand on an interviewer’s face and doesn’t seem to want to answer questions.

24/7 Title: Akira Tozawa/Tamina vs. Reggie/Dana Brooke

Brooke is defending and it’s not clear how she can lose the title here. The guys start things off and Tozawa accidentally kicks Tamina in the face. Tamina knocks him down and Reggie hits the running flipping seated senton for the pin at 1:16, retaining Brooke’s title. Brooke was never in the match.

Result: Reggie/Dana Brooke b. Akira Tozawa/Tamina – Running flipping seated senton to Tozawa (1:16)

We recap Becky Lynch surviving against Liv Morgan at Day One.

Here is Becky Lynch for a chat. Becky talks about how it is a new year and a lot of people think that means a new them. Their to do lists include “become the Raw Women’s Champion” but the top of hers says “remain Raw Women’s Champion”. She realizes that she has become a work of art and that makes her WWE’s Vincent Van Goat.

Becky hates to break it to you, but you’re not losing that ten pounds or getting that promotion. As for everyone in the back, including Liv Morgan, you’re not taking this title from her. Cue Liv Morgan to insult Becky’s jacket (Becky: “I like this jacket.”) and call her delusional. No one is harder on Liv than herself and she will never give up on her dream.

Cue Bianca Belair to say Liv isn’t the EST so Becky mocks both of them. Liv calls out Becky for not being in the women’s locker room in years but Belair cuts Liv off. Becky tells them to figure this out one on one but they jump Becky instead. Belair and Liv fight until Becky breaks it up and leaves them laying.

Kevin Owens comes up to Seth Rollins and says they can work together tonight and then take the title from Brock Lesnar. It doesn’t matter who wins, because then they can fight for the title at Wrestlemania. Rollins loves the plan because they can trust each other. Rollins leaves and Owens asks if he’s lying.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Rhea Ripley/Nikki Ash vs. Queen Zelina/Carmella

Carmella/Vega are defending. Ripley suplexes Vega down to start and it’s off to Nikki to take her down again. Vega comes back with a knockdown of her own into a chinlock. Nikki fights up but Vega grabs a cradle to retain at 2:34.

Result: Carmella/Queen Zelina b. Nikki Ash/Rhea Ripley – Cradle to Ash (2:34)

Johnny Knoxville is going to be in the Royal Rumble.

Street Profits vs. Apollo Crews/Commander Azeez

Before the match, the Profits officially enter the Royal Rumble (as do the Mysterios in another backstage promo). Ford strikes away at Azeez to start and gets shouldered out of the air for his efforts. A jumping enziguri staggers Azeez though and it’s off to Dawkins to elbow Crews in the face. The Silencer gets two with Azeez breaking up the cover, only to get low bridged to the floor. Azeez pulls Dawkins outside but gets posted, leaving Crews to enziguri Dawkins. Ford makes a blind tag though and it’s the anoiintment into the frog splash to finish Crews at 2:19.

Result: Street Profits b. Apollo Crews/Commander Azeez – Frog splash to Crews (2:19)

Damian Priest is ready to retain the US Title and won’t lose his cool.

Doupdrop isn’t happy with being left out of the #1 contenders match because everyone is sick of the same women getting chance after chance. Sonya Deville makes a triple threat with Doudrop, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair with the winner getting the shot at Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble.

US Title: Damian Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler

Priest is defending and loses the title if he gets disqualified or counted out. Ziggler gets launched into the corner for some right hands to the face but Priest pulls back before the DQ. They head outside, where Ziggler hits a tornado DDT on the floor and we take a break. Back with Ziggler taking Priest down with a running knee for two.

Priest kicks him down and goes up top, where Ziggler catches him but can’t hit a superplex. Instead Priest scores with another kick to the face, only to have Robert Roode trip Priest down. The Fameasser gives Ziggler two so Priest goes after Roode, but can’t bring himself to use the chair. Back in and Priest teases going after Ziggler with the chair but he hits Roode instead. The Zig Zag gets two so Ziggler tries a superkick, only to get countered into the Reckoning to retain Priest’s title at 9:23.

Result: Damian Priest b. Dolph Ziggler – Reckoning (9:23)

Austin Theory comes up to Vince McMahon and accidentally interrupts his phone call. Vince doesn’t like Theory apologizing but Theory is here about his rematch with Finn Balor. That doesn’t work for Vince, who puts Theory in the Royal Rumble. Theory is amazed.

Here are Miz/Maryse for a chat (after a commercial/video on Miz vs. Edge, with Beth Phoenix returning to chase off Maryse). Miz talks about how Edge needed Phoenix to bail him out at Day One because he was a scared little boy. We see last week’s Brood Bath but Miz says true love like theirs will always win. After the wedding vows, Miz vowed to end Edge once and for all.

Miz asks what kind of man would need his wife to protect him, but what kind of man would do that? Maryse talks about how awesome Miz is and says she would punch Phoenix in the face if she was here. Cue Edge and Phoenix for the couples pose so Miz and Maryse back off. Edge: “Figures.” Edge talks about how scared he knows they are and throws out the challenge for the mixed tag.  Miz talks about Maryse’s moisturizer line so Phoenix asks what it’s going to be. Miz accepts so Maryse freaks out and falls down a the threat of Phoenix’s right hand. Maryse storms off and Miz chases after her, trying to talk his way out of this.

Big E. isn’t happy with the loss but it’s time to start getting the title back.

AJ Styles vs. Omos

AJ goes right after him to start before bailing outside when Omos pushes him around. Back in and Omos kicks him in the face to send AJ right back to the floor. A posting rocks Styles again but he comes back in with the Phenomenal Blitz. The Phenomenal Forearm is caught but AJ snaps his throat across the top rope. Another Phenomenal Forearm attempt is swatted out of the air and a gorilla press drop makes it worse. The double chokeslam finishes Styles at 3:47.

Result: Omos b. AJ Styles – Chokeslam (3:47)

Alexa Bliss is…going to be on her way back to Raw next week. As in we will see her on the way back.

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Big E. vs. Bobby Lashley

One fall to a finish and the winner gets Brock Lesnar for the title at the Rumble. It’s a brawl to start with Lashley sending Rollins into the post and Owens being taken down. Big E. and Lashley are left in the ring to slug it out with Lashley getting the better of things. A suplex drops Big E. so Lashley goes outside, only to miss a spear through the barricade. Big E. is back up with a suplex to Rollins but Owens makes the save.

There’s a posting for Big E. and Owens buries Lashley underneath the barricade. A Shield style powerbomb puts Big E. through the announcers’ table and we take a break. Back with Owens and Rollins in control but Lashley and Big E. get up, with the chase going into the crowd. They wind up in the concourse where Lashley Hurt Locks Rollins. Owens breaks it up with a trashcan lid so he gets put through a t-shirt table as we take another break.

Back again with the fight still in the crowd but Owens dives off a balcony to take everyone down. They get back inside, where Lashley saves Big E. and starts firing off suplexes. Lashley runs through Rollins, leaving Owens to get speared, sending Lashley to the Rumble at 18:04.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Big E., Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins – Spear to Owens

Brock Lesnar is in the back and says tell Roman Reigns he’ll see him on Smackdown.

Alpha Academy b. RKBro – World’s Strongest Slam to Riddle
Reggie/Dana Brooke b. Tamina/Akira Tozawa – Flipping seated senton to Tozawa
Queen Zelina/Carmella b. Rhea Ripley/Nikki Ash – Rollup to Ash
Street Profits b. Apollo Crews/Commander Azeez – Frog splash to Crews
Damian Priest b. Dolph Ziggler – Reckoning
Omos b. AJ Styles – Chokeslam
Bobby Lashley b. Big E., Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins – Spear to Owens

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