So that’s it. Last month, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live got a pretty strong change of pace as four names from NXT, in the forms of Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black and Ricochet, all made their ways to the main roster. It was pretty clear that they would be around the big shows more often than down in NXT, but now we have something more official.

In a new post on his Instagram page, Black bid farewell to NXT in a post talking about going through various psychological problems on his way to WWE. Black goes into how things have changed in the last few years and how he is now leaving NXT. This is the first confirmation that any of the four callups are officially leaving after making their debuts on February 18.

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It’s been a ride NXT, a hell of a ride. In less than three years I went from psychological and physical problems, anxiety and panic attacks to thriving in an high stress environment. The majority of you only see the actual in-ring work and none of what goes around or behind it. I can tell you with full conviction that if you knew how this world truly works the majority of you wouldn’t have such a high strong opinion nor give the criticism that some of you give. You think you know, but you really don’t. I often sit back and realize how quickly life moves and how fast things come and go and just like that the era of NXT has come to an end. In the entire period I left people behind, people left me behind, I got rid of toxic people and I gained a new outlook on life. After tons of therapy and life coaching by the wonderful @carla_bruins I am finally moving away from old habits because the truth is that I myself have been a very toxic individual for years that couldn’t move passed his childhood and events that occurred in teenage years. If all you know is lies and deceit you become lies and deceit to understand your anger and sadness. I used to call myself the king of self sabotage and if you tell yourself something long enough you’ll believe it and don’t move away from it. I still deal with a lot guilt for things I have done to others as well as strangely feeling guiltIy for letting others do that to me as well, it’s like you let yourself get compromised but do nothing about it to change it, until a few months back when I learned to slowly forgive myself thanks to aforementioned person. A big part of that change is also due to my wife who’s changed my outlook on life from trying to die as young as I could to holding on to things that are worth holding on to. But enough about that, we’re here for the next chapter of my career. However I cannot stress how important it is that you, the fans, were there. I could’ve tried my hardest but without your support (as cliche as that sounds) this would’ve never gotten as far as it did, and obviously beyond that… Lot of words from a guy who’s known for being quiet, but hey, that means it’s important to me. Osu.

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Black had some cool times in NXT. Check out one of the coolest:

Opinion: This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone as it’s becoming clearer and clearer that these four are main roster bound on a permanent basis. It’s cool to see something from underneath the hood like this though as Black opens up a bit about how important his time in NXT has been. There’s no reason he won’t be a success on the main roster as well and that is something he’s earned.

What did you think of Black’s time in NXT? How will he do on the main roster? Let us know in the comments below.

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