That didn’t go well. To say Ronda Rousey was a big success in WWE is about as much of an understatements as you can get. While it’s true that she had a lot of attention, star power and celebrity status when she came into the company, she hit the ground running and was a huge star in the company the second she arrived. Since leaving though, things have not been as pleasant and one famous wrestling personality didn’t take kindly to it.

Last week, Rousey gave an interview where she did not have the most positive things to say about her time in WWE. Rousey said that while she did love her time with the rest of the locker room and wanted to help them, she wanted nothing to do with the “ungrateful” fans, blaming them for ruining her time with the company. This rubbed some people the wrong way and someone had something to say about her comments.

Jim Cornette responded to Rousey’s comments this week on his Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast. Cornette did not care for Rousey’s statements, with his biggest criticism coming over Rousey referring to wrestling as “fake fights”. He also brought up the help that Rousey had during her WWE career, as well as her losses that ended her mixed martial arts career. Here are some of his comments, with transcription courtesy of (contains strong language):

On Rousey Complaining About WWE’s Schedule

“You didn’t do it by yourself. Triple H laid that fucking match out, specifically because he wanted you to get over. Kurt Angle was her partner.”

“And Ronda Rousey performed her part admirably, and she did have a good persona and I loved the game face and did her deal and treated the business seriously when she was in the fucking ring, but apparently now, and I should have known something was wrong when she was the one who had the nervous breakdown twice when she lost two fucking MMA fights. Broke down crying and basically quit the business there because she lost twice, so she’s a mental case. But now, we found out, oh it was just so hard, it was just so hard, I was on the road 200 nights a year, making seven figures. I don’t know exactly what her contract was, what her pay was for the fucking year, it’s been reported at $1.5 million someplace, but I know the WWE, if anyone thinks Ronda Rousey didn’t make over a million dollars you’re fucking insane. And 200 days a year, my fucking asshole bleeds for you, darling.”

On How She Insulted Professional Wrestling

“You’ve insulted every single person that ever got into the wrestling business that didn’t come in given a six figure contract by the WWF, and their fucking efforts and diminished that, you whine and you gripe and your pussy needs powdered because you were on the road 200 days a year. You have no more respect and you gained no more respect for the business. Then to come out and now that you’re done with it, obviously, calling fake fights and playing with your friends, you were just enjoying yourself for a couple of million bucks a year or whatever while Vince flew you around the fucking country and pampered you.”

“So anyway, fuck you and your fucking fake fights and your playing with your friends, you pampered, overpaid, fucking douchebag.”

As usual, Cornette had a lot to say. Check out the full discussion:

Opinion: I’m a fan of both parties here but assuming what Rousey said wasn’t part of a storyline to bring about her return to WWE, I’m more on Cornette’s side here. Rousey was brought in to WWE as a special attraction and treated differently than almost any wrestler ever. She did appear frequently, but it was first class for her all the way. No one gets that kind of treatment and to complain about it like this is not going to endear her to the wrestling industry very well. That being said, Rousey doesn’t need WWE and is a star no matter what she is going to do so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Whose side are you on in this? Will Rousey ever be back in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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