It’s kind of a calm time in wrestling as most of the card for one of the biggest shows of the year is set, so we’re not really getting anything major in terms of storyline development. Since I’ve covered almost everything major going on at “Summerslam 2015”, I thought I’d go with a bit of a change of pace and do some quick looks at some stories from the last week.

WWE Officials, Including Kevin Dunn, Souring On Kevin Owens Due To His Weight

This is one of those things that comes up over and over and it never does make sense. Here’s the thing: Owens is a guy who doesn’t have the traditional body size or look. No one is going to deny that. However, when the bell rings, the guy can go with the best of them. Look at the first thirty seconds of his debut match at “NXT Takeover: R-Evolution.” He’s all over CJ Parker, hits the Cannonball and then a huge dive over the top rope. This is of course on top of his trilogy of great matches against John Cena which have received rave reviews.

The idea of souring on someone just due to how they look is such an outdated idea. Yeah, Owens is a big guy, but does that really matter when you can talk and go as well as he can in the ring? It’s ridiculous to expect everyone to look like Cena or Orton because they have the looks of a top stars. Take CM Punk for example. I don’t think anyone would consider him to have one of the best physiques in wrestling history but he had his share of success. On top of all that though, there’s another guy whose entire story was built around not having the right size or look: Daniel Bryan. How did that turn out for WWE?

Finally, does ANYONE like Kevin Dunn? The guy comes off as the biggest weasel in wrestling and if reports like these are true, he’s the pettiest man that has ever worked for the company. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are going to take over the company when Vince is gone. There’s no stopping that, but Dunn insists on screwing around with things as much as he can to undermine their current work? Why has this guy had a job for so long? Stories like these make me shake my head at him and count down the days until he gets fired so we can see how anyone, and I mean ANYONE, else’s vision for the show will see an improvement.

The Divas Title

This past week on “Monday Night Raw”, for what felt like the 84th week in a row, Michael Cole babbled on about how long Nikki Bella has held the Divas Title and how she’s chasing AJ Lee’s record of 295 days. After the Divas’ match this week saw Team Bella beat Team BAD (can we please find better names? I can’t stand just putting TEAM in front of whatever name comes next. Be more creative for a change. You have a thousand names for everything else but this is the best you can do?), it was announced that there will be a three team, nine Divas elimination match at “Summerslam 2015.”

This continues the trend of Nikki holding the title by almost never defending it. Her last defense was at “Beast in the East” back on July 4. The Diva Revolution (which has gone on just fine without Stephanie being involved for weeks, further proving that she didn’t need to set any of it up or be involved whatsoever) is a good idea and has changed the way the Divas are presented, but at this point they’re all just fighting for the sake of fighting.

I’m sure the elimination match will be fun and be a great performance, but how is it more important than a regular tag match on an episode of “Monday Night Raw?” Until they’re actually fighting for the Divas Title, this is all just running around in circles. What difference does it make if someone wins a match on “Monday Night Raw” but the other team wins on “Smackdown”, only to have the third team win on the next “Monday Night Raw”? At some point these newcomers have to go after the title and until they do, this is just filling in time, albeit with entertaining wrestling.

Global Force Wrestling Invading Impact Wrestling

Let’s shift over to another wrestling company for a minute and look at some TNA news. Actually we’re looking at TNA and GFW news, as tonight (August 12), we’ll be seeing members of the GFW roster appearing on “Impact Wrestling”. Jeff Jarrett has offered their services to TNA for the night since TNA has some issues going on, meaning the well discussed invasion is upon us.

So why am I not really excited over this? Well, simply put, why should I be? TNA is trying to fight off being canceled and GFW has had one TV taping and a handful of house shows. This is a step below Ohio Valley Wrestling feuding with Great American Wrestling recently. These wrestlers are fighting over the lowest possible stakes and it’s really hard to be get fired up over it. Also, is it really even an invasion when TNA barely has a roster left to fight back with? The story still could work, but it might have been better served when GFW was a bit more established, though there’s no guarantee that TNA will be around by that point.

Daniel Bryan’s Health

We’ll wrap it up back on “Monday Night Raw” with Daniel Bryan’s latest return and still no update on his in ring return. That to me is good news, as I never want to see Bryan wrestle again. The man is exciting, he’s talented, he’s charismatic, and it also seems that he’s made of glass in the last year.

What more can we ask for from him? He’s had hundreds of good to great matches and was the centerpiece of one of the greatest stories ever told, capped off by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the main event of one of the biggest and most important Wrestlemanias of all time. Bryan was never going to top that, and his career is virtually complete.

At 34 years old and already having neck issues and now suffering from concussion issues, I would much rather see Bryan go off and be a trainer or a coach down at the Performance Center rather than risk having an injury that he can’t come back from. He left as the Intercontinental Champion, so let that be his legacy: the wrestler retires as the wrestling champion. Sure, Bryan probably still has some good matches left in him, but I’m ok with not seeing those matches and seeing Bryan able to walk around instead.

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