Impact Wrestling
Date: October 5, 2023
Location: Graceland Live, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

The road to Bound for Glory continues as we have a main event of Alex Shelley defending the World Title against Josh Alexander all set. This week, Alexander has a long term warmup match this week against Kon, which isn’t what what I would expect for someone set for the biggest match of the year. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Tasha Steelz vs. Killer Kelly

Kelly has Masha Slamovich in her corner. Kelly crawls at Steelz to start and licks her boot, which has Steelz a little weirded out. Steelz knocks her into the corner with some chops but Kelly is back with knees to the face. A hard kick puts Steelz on the floor but she’s right back in to take over. The chinlock doesn’t long long for Steelz as Kelly elbows her way out and smiles a lot. Steelz sends her outside and baseball slides into Slamovich, allowing Kelly to get two off a rollup.

The camel clutch goes on, with Steelz quickly switching it to a crossface. With that broken up, Steelz tries Stratusfaction but gets blocked, allowing Kelly to make the clothesline comeback. A butterfly suplex into the corner rocks Steelz again and there’s a running corner dropkick for two. Steelz tries to fight up but gets pulled into the Killer Klutch. Cue Deonna Purrazzo to pull the referee out but she didn’t see who did it. The distraction lets Steelz hit the Black Out for the pin at 8:35.

Result: Tasha Steelz b. Killer Kelly – Black Put (8:35)

We look at Savannah Evans beating Jessicka on BTI.

John Skyler arrives and runs into Savannah Evans. Skyler asks for Evans to be his partner in Fans’ Revenge tonight. Gisele Shaw knows that Skyler has been asking everyone to be his partner, so she gives him Jai Vidal instead.

Jonathan Gresham says his cheating last week was to prove how bad the referees are. Mike Bailey comes in to call him out on that but Gresham walks away.

Here is Tommy Dreamer for a chat. Dreamer wants and receives Crazzy Steve’s presence, so he can talk about their history together. They were partners and yes it’s true that Steve is really blind. He can see shadows and avoid people by listening. That is an inspiration to Dreamer, because his father was blind too. Dreamer even taught Steve how to drive, which was the first time Steve ever felt normal.

This is about entertaining people and being an inspiration, which is why Dreamer and these people care about him. Steve can have the Digital Media Title shot anywhere and anytime he wants, which gives us a STEVE chant. They hug, and then Steve stabs him in the back with a fork. People come out to check on Dreamer as Steve sings about how the angel of death came to Tommy’s room.

Post break we see what we saw pre break.

Dirty Dango/Champagne Singh/Jake Something/Eric Young/Jordynne Grace vs. Brian Myers/Shera/KiLynn King/Jody Threat/Bully Ray

The winning team will face off in a five way for the #1 and #20 shot in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory. Threat knocks Dango down to start and it’s King coming in, offering a free shot. Shera and Singh come in and try to tag out, with Shera finally bringing Threat in instead. We take a break and come back with Grace suplexing her way out of trouble and wanting Ray. Grace’s suplex to Ray doesn’t work as he easily picks her up for a slam.

The Hogan hand to the ear sets up a missed elbow, allowing Young to come in for a slam of his own. Young hits a dropkick and brings Grace back in for a slugout with Threat. Grace hits a spinebuster but King comes in to deck her from behind. King tosses Threat and kicks Grace in the head but a Neutralizer is blocked. Something gets to come in and clean house, including slamming Ray off the top and then beating up his own partners. Into The Void gives Something the pin on Shera at 10:12.

Result: Dirty Dango/Champagne Singh/Jake Something/Jordynne Grace/Eric Young b. Bully Ray/Shera/Brian Myers/KiLynn King/Jody Threat – Into The Void to Shera (10:12)

Josh Alexander wanted Kon tonight to test himself before Bound For Glory. Alex Shelley comes in to say he wants to prove himself against the best, so he’ll be Alexander’s insurance policy for one night only.

Video on Mickie James vacating the Knockouts Title before Rebellion earlier this year. Trinity won the title and now Mickie wants her title back at Bound For Glory.

Trinity has seen Mickie James eyeing her title, but it makes sense as Mickie never lost the title. Mickie is one of Trinity’s friends and they can have the match, but Trinity is leaving as champion.

ABC vs. John Skyler/Jai Vidal

Fans’ Revenge, meaning there are fans serving as lumberjacks with straps and Vidal is substituting for an absent Jason Hotch. Skyler insults most of the fans, but the fans around the ring are downright nifty. Skyler shoves Bey against the ropes to start but gets sent outside for some whipping. Bey on the other hand is sent outside and the fans take pictures with him. Vidal tries to break it up and gets whipped as well, sending Rehwoldt into a heck of a rant about how unfair this is.

Back in and Skyler gets beaten up again, meaning it’s out to the floor with him again. This time Skyler stops a fan from whipping him, allowing the rest of the fans to whip him instead. Skyler chops Vidal for a tag and ABC takes him down without much effort. Bey heads outside for some Too Sweeting with the fans, leaving Austin to strike away at Vidal. Another toss to the floor means another whipping but Vidal actually takes over on Austin back inside. Skyler gets to stomp away inside so Bey comes in, meaning Austin’s rollup doesn’t get a count.

Austin is sent outside and doesn’t get whipped, only to have Skyler be sent outside as well for the opposite treatment. Back in and Austin hits a springboard spinning kick to the head, allowing the tag off to Bey. A low bridge sends Skyler outside for the whipping, with Skyler walking around the ring so the pain continues. Skyler finally gets a whip away but Bey nails a flip dive. Back in and Vidal gets kicked in the face, setting up the 1-2-Sweet to pin Skyler at 8:20.

Result: ABC b. John Skyler/Jai Vidal – 1-2-Sweet to Skyler (8:20)

Video on Frankie Kazarian vs. Eddie Edwards, who are ready to end their rivalry.

Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Moose

Brian Myers is here with Moose. Gujjar gets powered around to start but Moose misses a spear attempt. Moose avoids a knee though and hits a discus lariat. A powerbomb sets up the spear to pin Gujjar at 2:55.

Result: Moose b. Bhupinder Gujjar – Spear (2:55)

Post match here is Steve Maclin and post break he says that briefcase is his. He’s the one who climbed up and pulled the briefcase down but then Rhino cost him the case. Maclin wants the briefcase, which has Moose laughing. Moose says it’s two on one with Brian Myers at his side, and since Bully Ray isn’t here, Maclin doesn’t have any help. Violence is threatened but the lights go out and we get some lightning. Cue PCO to clear the ring without much effort but cue Rhino to Gore Maclin.

The Rascalz spray paint the Tag Team Titles, which doesn’t work for Santino Marella. ABC comes in to say they’ll get the titles back at Bound For Glory. Sami Callihan and Rich Swann come in, saying they wants the titles. Santino makes Callihan/Swann vs. Rascalz for the titles next week, with ABC getting the winners at Bound For Glory. Works for everyone but the champs.

Chris Sabin is ready for Kenta, and talks about how similar they really are.

Here’s what’s coming on various shows.

Josh Alexander vs. Kon

Alex Shelley is on commentary and Deaner is here with Kon. Alexander’s early takedown doesn’t work so Kon sends him into the corner and then out to the apron. A top rope shoulder works better for Alexander and we take an early break. Back with Alexander chopping away but getting run over with straight power.

Kon drops an elbow and then adds a big running one for two. Alexander’s abdominal stretch attempt is broken up in all of two seconds as Kon whips him into the ropes for the break. The nerve hold goes on so Alexander gets in his own fast break. A German suplex drops Kon and Alexander strikes away for two.

Alexander misses a moonsault though and Kon hits a running splash in the corner. Kon’s chokebomb gets two but the referee gets bumped. Alexander hits a running crossbody to the back so Deaner grabs a chair. That leaves Alexander to swing, only to hit an interfering Alex Shelley by mistake. Back in and Alexander ankle locks Kon, who powers out. The C4 Spike finishes Kon at 12:49.

Result: Josh Alexander b. Kon – C4 Spike (12:49)

Post match Shelley comes in to give Alexander Shell Shock.

Tasha Steelz b. Killer Kelly – Black Out
Dirty Dango/Champagne Singh/Jake Something/Jordynne Grace/Eric Young b. Bully Ray/Shera/Brian Myers/KiLynn King/Jody Threat – Into The Void to Shera
ABC b. Jai Vidal/John Skyler – 1-2-Sweet to Skyler
Moose b. Bhupinder Gujjar – Spear
Josh Alexander b. Kon – C4 Spike

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