It takes time to get here. Believe it or not, 205 Live turned 100 this week. The show that doesn’t feel like it’s one of WWE most important shows more often than not reached its 100th episode on Wednesday night. While the show may not have nearly as long of a history as some of its counterparts, it definitely has some moments that are worthy of another look. That’s where WWE tends to shine.

One for ever ten and five hundredths of a pound.

20 moments that define WWE 205 Live

WWE has posted a new video looking at the 20 Moments That Define 205 Live. The moments come from a combination of matches and segments, as most of the show tends to be more in-ring based than anything else. There are several familiar names on the video, though one major name missing is Enzo Amore, who is nowhere to be seen on the video and not mentioned whatsoever.

Opinion: I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and there are several moments on here that I remember vividly. The show has gotten better in recent months as the wrestling has become the focus. They’re having a good time out there and showing off their obvious talents, which makes for a much more entertaining show than the wrestlers are given credit for. Check the show out sometime and you should have some fun.

What do you think of 205 Live? How can it be made better? Let us know in the comments below.

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