It’s something else. Wrestlers have tried the hand at acting for decades and the results have always been hit or miss. While you will occasionally find someone who fits into both worlds rather well, there is a much better chance that it won’t go so well. That hasn’t stopped wrestlers from trying though, and now another former WWE star is trying his hand at the other field.

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During an appearance on the Heated Shenanigans podcast, former WWE star Erick Redbeard (known as Erick Rowan during his time in WWE) revealed that he is attempting to break into the acting world. Redbeard talked about how he has been taking acting classes and trying out for roles, as well as the different kinds of expression that comes in wrestling. He has appeared in a wrestling themed skit for the Netflix series “I Think You Should Leave”. In addition, Redbeard still wrestled on the independent circuit, with his most recent match taking place on May 6.

Redbeard has had a lengthy career. Check out some of his time in the ring:

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that is probably a long shot at best but good for Redbeard for at least trying. He has the kind of look that is going to get him noticed and having the wrestling background is going to make him even more valuable. It very well might not work, but at least he is giving it a try and that is more than a lot of wrestlers have been able to do.

What do you think of Redbeard’s career? How will he do as an actor? Let us know in the comments below.

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