That’s a serious one. Injuries are one of the worst things that can happen to any wrestler at any given time. You never know when you are going to see a wrestler get hurt and put on the shelf for a long while. It can also be something that is built up over a long while and result in quite the problem for anyone. Now we know some more about one of the most prominent stars in WWE.

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Last week on Monday Night Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura said something to World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins that the audience could not hear. This week, Nakamura revealed that he told Rollins he knew about a back injury Rollins had been dealing with for years. Later in the show, Rollins confirmed that he had two fractures in his lumbar. As a result, Rollins is not certain how much longer he can wrestle at this level as his injuries are no healing on their own. There is no word on when or if Rollins will have to take time off to deal with his injuries. Earlier this year, Rollins mentioned the injury and said he was putting off surgery. Rollins is currently scheduled to defend his title against Nakamura at Payback.

Rollins is a star. Check out the two promos and how the match was set up:

Opinion: As Rollins said, this is the kind of thing that comes with the job but it doesn’t make things any easier. At the end of the day, Rollins is one of the most prominent stars in all of WWE and wrestles a very physical style. That is going to cause some issues no matter who is doing it and unfortunately it might result in some time away from Rollins, whenever he decides to take it.

What does this mean for Rollins’ future? Who will beat him for the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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