Don’t hug the controller. Bayley is one of the top stars in the women’s division and was the top star in NXT for a good while. Even thought hings have settled down a bit for her, she’s still a big deal and someone who is going to get a strong reaction. She’s also someone with a lot of charisma who can represent WWE quite well outside of an arena.

According to, Bayley will be participating in the 2017 Nintendo World Championships on October 7 in New York City. The contest will see players compete in a variety of both old and new Nintendo games to see who can perform the best on various platforms. The event will be live streamed as well.

Here’s the trailer for this year’s event.

Nintendo World Championships 2017 - Announcement

Opinion: This is the kind of fun celebrity appearance that is almost always going to work. Bayley is a rather fun character and someone who could have a lot of fun at something like this. Even if she’s eliminated early on in the competition, at least WWE is getting to be represented there, which is a nice plus for them.

What is your favorite WWE celebrity appearance? Who would you like to see at something like this? Let us know in the comments below.


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